Get 30 minutes back in your working day, with Microsoft 365 and Surface

Whether working in the housing sector or education, charity or healthcare our jobs require us to be everywhere at once and doing more for less. We all know there are not enough hours to get through every task, but imagine if there were?

More time to do what matters  

To a teacher, an extra 30 minutes could enable supporting more students in most need of attention, as a housing officer you could help vulnerable people get housing quicker, as a police officer this could mean spending more time on the streets keeping citizens safe and as a council worker you’d be better placed to ensure the elderly received the time and care they need. Outside of work, an extra 30 minutes could vastly improve our quality of life, from slowing down to taking time out to reflect, spending more time with family to feeling less anxious about having to constantly rush.

Solutions that save hours

This is where we can help. At Phoenix we understand how valuable your time is and the challenges you face daily, with having hours taken up by meetings, calls and paperwork. The range of Microsoft Surface Devices with Microsoft 365 (M365) can help you be more productive across everything you do. With solutions that can give you back at least 30 minutes of your working day, you can spend more time on the things that matter such as tending to patients, saving lives or making that vital research breakthrough. In fact, a recent Forrester report[i]. states the following efficiency gains when using M365 on Surface:

  • Five hours saved per week for common tasks
  • Four hours additional time saved for highly-mobile users
  • Nine hours total time saved for highly-mobile users

Be more productive, streamline processes and make a difference

Ambulance operators can complete forms and tasks on the go, safe in the knowledge that they are effectively collaborating in real-time and the right people are getting the right information when needed most.

Police officers can fill in incident reports on the spot and go on to solve more cases.

Doctors can perform more home visits by completing notes on the move.

We believe that by using IT we can enable all UK Public Sector organisations to innovate and transform to deliver smart connected services to staff, citizens, patients, tenants and students. We do this by understanding the individual goals of each organisation that we work with to help them modernise their workplace by harnessing the power of cloud, data, AI, security and collaboration tools.

Learn more about how to build your tomorrow with Phoenix, Microsoft 365 and Surface.

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Microsoft 365 with Surface opens a world of opportunities to really make a difference and create a better future.

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