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Phoenix Solutions Platform (PSP)

The Phoenix Solutions Platform is our online marketplace, bringing customers all our key vendor offerings that are available as Software-as-a-Service, cloud-subscription or on-premise solutions.

Initially building out from our participation in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme, the Phoenix Solutions Platform will enable us easily to manage, support and bill for Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft EMS subscriptions. As a result, Phoenix Software will provide customers with a more personalised Microsoft Cloud offering, tightly coupled with our own cloud and professional services and as a result simplify cloud adoption, management and governance.


Software Buyers’ Guide

With Software Buyers’ Guide you can find the software you need to resolve specific business problems. By bringing together information from scores of software vendors, including detailed product specifications, you have all you need to make a highly informed choice.

The wealth of information stored within SBG is easily accessed via the system’s intuitive user interface. By grouping products in categories – such as ‘Security’ or ‘Internet & Communication’ – SBG lets you find the right solution for your particular software need, even if you don’t know the product or vendor name!

Software Buyers' Guide

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If you’d like to discover how the Phoenix Solutions Platform can help you simplify your journey to the cloud, contact a member of the Phoenix Software Cloud Team on 01904 562200, email or complete the form below