Clarity Module


Identify and manage new compliance & security risks while streamlining the introduction of new software applications into your IT environment with our IT Asset Control Service

While IT departments work to satisfy the requirements of end users and project teams and provide them with the functionality they require by providing access to the latest version of applications, it’s all too easy to expose an organisation to unexpected compliance and security risks. As your software product portfolio grows your Service Desk may struggle to respond to end user requests for new applications in a fast and efficient way while avoiding unnecessary security or compliance risks.

Our IT Asset Control Service will help integrate Software Asset Management principles within your Change Management, Security and Service Desk functions by supporting them with knowledge and best practice for integrating software applications into your estate. Simultaneously the Asset Control Service will identify potential risks and maximise the value from your existing licence purchases.

What are the challenges?

Changes to an organisation’s hardware or the configuration of their environment generating unexpected compliance and security risks

No clearly defined application catalogue meaning requests for new applications take too long to be resolved, or never get resolved at all

New and non-standard applications being introduced into the IT environment without proper checks resulting in compliance and security risks

Server and end-user assets being built without making use of standard applications and the most recent approved versions of applications, resulting in security risks and missing out on making full use of money already invested in applications

 Lack of a framework to identify where projects are required to move applications to current supported versions and avoid extended support costs

Use of multiple applications from multiple publishers with similar functionality leading to scatter-gun purchasing and missing out on potential volume cost savings


  • Integrate your SAM team into the Change Management process to leverage their knowledge to help identify and manage the impact proposed changes may have on compliance
  • Provide the framework and expertise to deliver IT standards documents which will standardise deployments across server and end-user devices in your IT estate, maximise the value gained from existing licences and shape future licence purchase and application deployment strategies
  • Create processes and documentation to support your Service Desk and streamline their interactions with end users, reducing the time it takes for them to successfully resolve end-user requests for applications
  • Support your security team and help them identify new and existing security risks in your IT estate caused by incorrect management of existing software and the introduction of new applications into your IT estate
  • Deliver optimised processes for dealing with software requests from end users, ensuring that unexpected compliance and security risks are identified and managed


Managing change effectively requires moving an organisation from its current state to a future desired state at minimal costs.

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