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Get to grips with your software assets to improve IT delivery and compliance in your organisation with the Lifecycle Management Service

As IT assets progress through different lifecycle stages, IT Software Asset Managers find it all too easy to lose track of the assets themselves or allow applications to sit unused or unlicensed. Software assets are one of the largest investments within any IT Department both in terms of cost as well as resource. Often organisations find it difficult to manage the true cost of its software assets.

The Challenges

  • Being able to provision key software applications without being able to link to compliance
  • Being able to confidently provision key software applications without creating unforeseen compliance risks
  • Knowing when a software deployment is going to require a new licence purchase, or when there are existing licences available to be used
  • Being able to identify and re-harvest unnecessary or unused software to avoid wasted investment and maximise the return on investment
  • Ensuring users get the right applications for a new role and that applications which they no longer require are removed to free up licences for use elsewhere
  • Making sure that when users leave an organisation their devices are properly managed
  • Deploying the most suitable and up to date applications your organisation is entitled to use

How can we help?

From specification and acquisition to deployment and retirement the Lifecycle Management Service has been designed to assist IT Departments realise the full value of their software assets. Our Lifecycle Management Service will help you:

  • Integrate software asset management into the procurement process to eliminate unnecessary overspend and drive purchasing efficiencies
  • Support deployment teams in order to reduce the risk of the wrong applications making their way into an organisations IT environment
  • Review and update processes such as the Joiners, Movers and Leavers process to ensure users receive the applications they require, enabling them to be productive from day one, while removing unneeded applications to deliver potential cost savings
  • Provide policy and process guidance around licence re-harvesting to ensure that unused applications are removed from end-user devices and are available for use by those who truly need them, without disrupting ‘business as usual’
  • Deliver guidance on best practice for the storage of application deployment media
  • Help business units such as Service Desk address end-user requests while minimising potential risks from the improper deployment of business applications


Gain full visibility and make better purchasing decisions by looking at your software assets and their varying lifecycle stages with our Lifecycle Management Service.

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