Microsoft Continued Professional Development

Virtual/In Person Workshop

Phoenix’s Microsoft Continued Professional Development (CPD) is a tailored training session that will help drive the adoption of Office 365 and empower staff and students during your digital transformation to fully utilise the benefits you have invested in.

Our CPD sessions are bespoke and individually tailored to support the individual needs of your institution covering all areas of Office 365, inclusive of accessibility features. All sessions will involve hands-on training workshops led by our specialist Learning Consultants and will focus specifically on how Office 365, Windows 10 and accessibility features can help transform learning within your educational institutions.

“From the onset, working with the staff at Phoenix was a pleasure. Through conversations with both school staff and the trainers at Phoenix, we were able to create  a bespoke training schedule to really suite the needs of our staff at school, allowing the training to have maximum impact. The ability to have time between sessions also meant that staff had time to experiment and reflect, enabling them to pose questions in following sessions to gain even more understanding. The ability to record the session delivered through Teams, also means that we have a great resource to refer back to if required.

The fact that training staff are also experienced teachers meant that they could offer advice, best practice and really understand the way in which both children and school staff would access the skills taught.  Even for experienced users the training will likely still hold great tips and unexplored features – I know that it did for me.”

 Nigel Murphy, Network Manager, Caister Primary Federation.

What’s covered?

To ensure the CPD sessions are most effective and have maximum benefits for your individual institution then we recommend creating a bespoke session focusing upon the priorities of your institution. Each focus area can be delivered as an overview giving brief knowledge of apps and tools or a deep dive session giving step-by-step walk throughs of the tools themselves in action. The following apps (and others) can be covered:

Microsoft Teams






Microsoft OneNote



Microsoft Office ApplicationsOffice Apps

Who will deliver the CPD?

Phoenix employ a specialist learning consultant to deliver the bespoke CPD sessions. Kristy Hill is a former Primary School teacher with 6 years’ experience in the classroom working collaboratively using Microsoft technologies and has first-hand experience embedding them within daily practice to enhance student’s learning. Following this she has 2 years’ experience as a Microsoft Learning Consultant where she has built up extensive knowledge of the various uses of Office 365 and Windows 10 within an educational environment and has experience conducting CPD sessions within these areas across all educational phases.


If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in, please fill in the below booking form, we will then contact you to arrange a date that works for you: