Your flexible reporting and analysis solution – now with an Azure usage and billing dashboard

Software drives business and your Software Asset Management (SAM) data underpins your entire organisation, with multiple stakeholders now having significant interest or direct responsibility for the management and control of IT assets.

Against this background, it is not surprising that the demand for reports relevant to numerous departments has risen significantly, as organisations seek to ensure they are capturing and communicating the relevant financial, security and compliance information to the appropriate people.

Why choose the Focus Service Portal?

The Focus Service Portal is ideal for any organisation where there is a need to share information across multiple departments (finance, procurement, IT, compliance etc.) and across a variety of users (Finance Director, Procurement Manager, SAM Manager etc.).

Empowering all associated major stakeholders with relevant SAM information, therefore, can benefit your organisation by improving cross departmental collaboration resulting in improved asset governance and enhanced control throughout the software asset lifecycle. This can result in proactive compliance management and improved return on software investments.

The Focus Service Portal (FSP) is a flexible reporting and analysis solution, utilising Qlik Sense technologies, enabling cross platform data visualisation and discovery. FSP provides simple navigation, starting from customised tiles through to flexible dashboards and down to the detailed report information. Dashboards include inventory coverage, contracts and entitlement, software surplus, compliance and risk – all displaying the information needed to make informed decisions.

Business Benefits

  • Real-time information at your fingertips
  • Valuable data to make informed decisions
  • Exportable reports to share across your organisation
  • Armed with information anywhere, anytime
  • Across any device
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Make it Personal

You have the option to personalise your ‘My Dashboard’ workspace, pinning and customising tiles linked to your filtered dashboards, giving you exactly the information you need at the touch of a few buttons.

Once you have pinned custom tiles to your ‘My Dashboard’, you will see single metric providing a high-level overview of the summarised information. Clicking on the tiles takes you to the Qlik Sense-powered dashboard enabling you to explore the data visually. From a dashboard, you can drill down one level further to see the detailed information that is driving this information.

The Focus Service Portal has been created to optimise the value of data collated and held in the various SAM products we offer across our platform. Furthermore, FSP makes your data accessible and meaningful to any business unit or department involved in the SAM process.

With this in mind, FSP introduces personas to suit the needs of different stakeholders within your organisation – from the CEO to the IT Manager. Each stakeholder can personalise their dashboard so the reports they need are at their fingertips.

Azure Billing Dashboard

Introducing the new Focus Service Portal app designed to keep you fully up to date with all Azure usage and billing – including alerts for any service overage. 

This is a hugely important addition to our current apps and reports within FSP that offer full visibility of your compliance and usage for your entire estate within a single centralised view – all enabled by our platform’s ability to consolidate discovery data from multiple sources in one place.

Designed to further enhance the user experience and provide you with full estate visibility anytime from any device. All granular Azure Portal data can be viewed through our own BI charts and graphs, FSP can also show the potential shortfall if the consumption continues at the current rate in a year’s time – as well as critical alerts for service overage.

Key Features

  • Monitor your Azure Cloud applications within Focus Service Portal
  • Report Azure platform consumption
  • Manipulate data and save customised reports
  • Monthly trends/consumption analysis
  • Pull data from Azure portal on scheduled exports
  • See complex cloud usage in a single, unified visual view
  • View all your applications in one centralised view
  • Export consumption reports from within Focus Service Portal

Take Control

So, whether it’s to provide a high-level view of your organisation’s whole IT asset landscape to understand the number of live endpoints from an IT security perspective, or to provide your SAM Manager with the ability quickly to review your compliance position – all the information is at hand.

The Focus Service Portal also provides detailed information such as Effective Licence Positions, software utilisation, entitlement/procurement record reporting, hardware specification/configuration detail – and now, Azure usage and billing!

By using Focus Service Portal, data can be shared seamlessly and securely across your organisation to deliver proactive risk management and control.

Ideal for Managed Services & Outsourced IT

The Focus Portal is perfect when the responsibility for software licence management is shared between internal and external staff, such as a Managed Service or Outsourced IT contract.

With the Focus Service Portal, regardless of where the main License Manager database resides, all authorised parties have instant access to the information they need to monitor and meet Service Level Agreements.

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