IT Security

The IT security landscape is changing faster than ever – mobile working, Bring your own Device (BYOD), Choose your own Device (CYOD) and Freedom of Information are all impacting on complex business models. Set against this background, keeping track of your data is a massive challenge, one that technology alone is not enough to address – it has to be integrated with good information.

Here at Phoenix Software, we have developed a team of IT security specialists who are highly trained and capable of responding to the ever-changing IT security environment. We have also established a number of key relationships with IT security partners and vendors – ensuring that we provide you with the best solution to meet your organisation’s IT security challenges

We also provide a wide range of IT Security Solutions that can be cloud-based, if this is your preferred delivery platform.

Data Security

Data now flows around an organisation, as well as in and out of an organisation, on many different platforms from fixed PCs to mobile devices and in many cases out to third parties. This new world with increased mobility and remote working presents significant challenges to IT and Information Governance.

We can assist you in assessing the real business drivers and needs for your organisation, establishing the risks and the remediation work required – not just in respect of solutions but also Information Governance. Having worked with large and small organisations in both the Public and Private Sector, we provide consultancy and guidance that is based upon many years of experience.

Mobile Device Security

The mobile device – laptop, smartphone and tablet – is fast becoming the predominant device in many organisations and the rise of the Apple iOS device has rapidly sent many organisations mobile.

We can provide suitable technical solutions to allow the management of these devices including encryption and remote locate/wipe, but this is only part of the solution. Understanding what the business is trying to achieve with its mobile working and what data needs to be on these devices requires review and discussion before any technical or governance decisions can be made.

Here at Phoenix Software we work closely with the world’s leading Mobile Device Management and Mobile Security partners to deliver best-in-class solutions and services to secure, manage and enable your mobile devices and mobile workers.

Network Security

The old style of network security is rapidly disappearing – the walled garden now has to have many gates. With the rise of the mobile device, remote working, web applications, software-as-a-service, managed services and third-party access, the traditional approach to network security is struggling to cope.

We can assist you in secure network design and provide suitable technical solutions that can integrate multiple vendor technologies to provide the best solution for your business. We have extensive experience of working with large and small customers in both the Public and Private Sector. Our information governance knowledge and understanding assists us in meeting the network security needs for your organisation.

Secure Remote Access

Providing remote access to employees and third-party organisations is now a basic requirement for many organisations. There are significant drivers to encourage people to work from home or other remote locations and essentially it is not complex to deliver secure remote access. It can, however, be very expensive and the days of issuing all staff with a physical fob for occasional or business continuity use are long gone.

The key to providing secure remote access is understanding the needs of the users – there is little point, for example, in providing an expensive fob and associated licence to someone who is going to just need email access during a business continuity outage. We have extensive experience of delivering remote access solutions from many vendors and the associated risk assessment and policy/procedure.

Cloud Computing Security

As cloud computing continues to expand and revolutionise business, the need to consider security around cloud applications is ever-more pressing.

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Virtualised Environment Security

Virtualisation attracts its own unique set of security threats and it’s a mistake to assume that traditional security approaches can provide an adequate defence. As there is increased risk due to multiple systems being located on a single piece of hardware, security must be a priority area when looking at virtualisation and consolidation.

Virtualisation touches every aspect of the IT infrastructure – data centres, servers and networks – and security must be factored into the virtualisation strategy to ensure that only the right people access the right information at the right time.

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