Bring the benefits of native cloud to you

Creating a hybrid cloud by extending the technology currently running in public clouds to your own on-premise data centres is a new way to solve some of today’s IT challenges.

The opposite to Hybrid Cloud – Data Centre Extend which takes the existing hypervisor technology you’re running on-premise into the cloud, Hybrid Cloud – Cloud Extend (HCCE) brings native cloud to you.

For organisations who want to leverage native cloud services for the majority of their workloads, but have some workloads or even a single specific application or dataset which cannot be moved to cloud, then HCCE could be the answer. We regularly see organisations with line of business applications which run more effectively when local to their users and we also see customers with large datasets for whom the cloud ingress/egress charges would be cost prohibitive.

These services are fully managed by the cloud provider who look after both your cloud platform and the extension of the cloud platform running in your data centre, allowing you to use their native cloud tools and management portals to easily configure and manage both cloud and on-premise workloads.

Some vendors provide and manage the on-premise hardware you need to operate, while others such as the Azure Stack offering from Microsoft, which can start from just two server nodes, can provide the flexibility for you to choose your own hardware vendor, many of whom are providing dedicated HCI nodes designed for Azure Stack.