Why choose Licence-Management-as-a-Service?

As an independent trusted advisor in software licensing for over 25 years, we’ve completed thousands of Software Asset Management (SAM) engagements for organisations of all sizes across all sectors and it’s this real-world experience which has shaped our leading Licence-Management-as-a-Service (LMaaS) platform, which we call the Phoenix Software Focus Service.  Today, our best-in-class LMaaS services are trusted to manage more than 100,000 devices world-wide.

What is LMaaS?

It’s everything you need to know about your software licences – but all in one place

A typical organisation like yours has multiple sources of software licensing information – software usage from your discovery tool, licence records from your Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) such as Phoenix Software, and numerous spread sheets – that’s at least three sources of information you need to collate and manage before you can even begin to consider establishing your compliance position.

Wouldn’t it be simpler if you could choose a central, single source of truth, which not only could be securely accessed from any device with an internet connection, but also includes an abundance of reporting intelligence for you to benefit from? That’s what you get with our Focus Service – it’s the simplest way to access and manage your software licence information.

It’s your quick response to an audit request

Is your organisation audit-ready? Yes … no … possibly?!

According to analysts, your organisation has a 68% chance of receiving at least one audit request in the next 12 months, so you need to be prepared. With our Focus Service, you get on-demand access to your latest compliance position, along with plenty of compliance evidence and reports, ensuring that it only takes a matter of days to respond to a request rather than potentially weeks or months by doing it in-house.

It’s the fastest way to save money on your software spend

Most organisations overspend on software by as much as 30%. They buy too much, purchase through the wrong agreements, fail to re-harvest existing licences and that’s without considering the cost implications of being non-compliant. By adopting our Focus Service and taking advantage of our expertise, you can quickly gain control of your software licences, optimise usage and consumption and ensure you never buy any unnecessary licences again.

What are the benefits?

Valuable time and money, normally spent on product implementation, on-going staff training and system maintenance can be saved. As there is no on-site product installation, there is also no disruption to normal routines or processes and no need for the re-engineering of any existing internal IT infrastructure.
On top of the savings, scheduled payment terms are predictable and there are no large up-front costs assisting with long-term budgeting.
The average implementation time for a Software Asset Management (SAM) tool is around six months – that’s 24 weeks without a glimpse of ROI. Successful installation and staff training doesn’t guarantee results either though, that’s just the start – maximising the tool’s capabilities, consolidating, normalising and translating both discovery and purchasing data is all labour intensive and requires a skilled team.

LMaaS needs little implementation and by leaning on our experienced team you can get a compliance baseline quickly and begin optimising your software and reducing spend.

73% of SAM Managers spend the majority of their week on ‘number crunching’ activities. Outsourcing the transactional tasks of licence management, therefore, not only powers your SAM programme, it also enables all staff to focus on what’s really important – the smooth operation and success of your business.
Why waste time and money on the transactional side of licence management when you can quickly get up and running using our dedicated team, which has years of experience delivering world-wide solutions-as-a-service.
As users access a simple cloud-based front end and the system is maintained in a controlled environment, usability questions are reduced and the diagnosis and resolution of issues is more efficient.
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