Windows 10 Secure Desktop Managed Service

When it comes to cyber security threats and complex attacks more visibility is a good thing, however more visibility also means more alerts

IT Analysts can only handle so many alerts a day and manual time-consuming investigations can add additional strain on already resource limited IT teams which means some alerts get ignored. The Phoenix Windows 10 Secure Desktop Managed Service (SDMS) can help your IT Department investigate and remediate all your security alerts and help bridge any IT security skill gaps.

Utilising Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) in conjunction with Phoenix’s IT Security Analysts, and sophisticated artificial intelligence, we will pick up security alerts, start investigations to determine whether a threat is still active and take the necessary actions to remediate it from all affected endpoints. Our Managed Service takes care of the mundane work freeing up your IT department, so they can leverage their skill sets to focus on their strategic work.

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