Microsoft SAM Managed Service Programme

Phoenix Software is a Microsoft Gold Partner and an accredited provider of the Microsoft SAM Managed Service Programme in the UK

According to Gartner, “digital businesses cannot function without software” and SAM is now a C-level imperative*. That is why Software Asset Management (SAM) is a key area of focus for Phoenix Software and why we are delighted to be part of Microsoft SAM Managed Service Programme.

*Gartner, Software Asset Management Is Now a C-Level Imperative, 03 March 2016

What is the Microsoft SAM Managed Service Programme?

The Microsoft SAM Managed Service Programme is a continual, governance-based, outsourced service to help you more effectively manage your software assets. These predictable managed services adhere to SAM industry standards (ISO 19970) and the Microsoft SAM Optimisation Model (SOM).

By introducing you to SAM best practices, tools and resources while providing a complete view of your infrastructure, the programme is designed to help you drive better IT decisions throughout all software and related asset lifecycle management. In addition to many SAM benefits, this programme also offers unique benefits, such as value-based consulting on strategic IT imperatives like cloud readiness and cyber security, a reduced risk of audit, flexibility and concessions for the best possible licensing optimisation solutions, and more.

“By 2019, annual spending on enterprise software licences will decrease by 30% in those organisations that automate entitlement optimisation using Software Asset Management (SAM) tools.”

Gartner, Competitive Landscape: Software Asset Management Tools, 26 August 2016

The Benefits

A one-off SAM engagement can provide a clear snapshot of your IT infrastructure and valuable recommendations on ways to optimise your IT investments and minimise risk. Utilising an ongoing SAM managed service, however, can help you stay on top of the day-to-day, dynamic changes to your infrastructure such as adding new people or devices, managing access levels to sensitive data, and rolling out applications that support new business needs.

Ongoing SAM services provide:

  • Improved visibility – ‘always on’ means no surprises or disruptions to your business
  • Real-time deep data insights to drive the right technology decisions for your business needs
  • A potential savings of up to 30% on IT spend

Uninterrupted visibility of your infrastructure can help you quickly identify and resolve issues such as unauthorised devices and people accessing your network before they can do harm, or consolidating and repurposing under-utilised servers before deciding to buy more.

Additionally, the Microsoft SAM Managed Service Programme offers unique Microsoft benefits including:

  • A ‘fresh start’ with Microsoft licensing
  • Flexible licensing solutions and optimisation that only Microsoft can offer
  • A reduced risk of audit
  • Microsoft product end-of-life guidance
  • Ongoing Microsoft SAM Optimisation Model (SOM) consultation and maturity tracking
  • At least one ongoing value-added consultation such as cyber security or cloud-ready consultation
  • Special offers and training opportunities

What to Expect

As part of the programme, Phoenix Software will offer a set of required ongoing services as well as additional services in which we specialise. These required services include product end-of-life guidance, SAM optimisation maturity consultation and tracking, licence optimisation solutions, and recommendations on cyber security, cloud readiness or other agreed-upon services, based on your needs and the data collected throughout the programme.

When you commit to the programme, Phoenix Software will schedule time to gather information on your infrastructure background, discuss your IT and business goals, set up appointments with key stakeholders and arrange access for software deployment data collection.

Data collection and analysis is an integral part of the programme as it provides the basis for all consultation services offered. This process includes the discovery and inventory of software assets, followed by the mapping of inventory data, usage information and licence entitlements. Phoenix Software will also analyse the data as well as the SAM processes and procedures you have in place to provide recommendations for improvement.

Throughout the programme, you are required to share your Microsoft software deployment data with Microsoft regularly to be eligible for the programme benefits. This level of transparency enables Microsoft and Phoenix Software to deliver the many programme benefits, help you maintain optimisation of your technology investments and assist you in more effectively planning your dynamic technology roadmap.

Quality Assured

To ensure the highest quality of service, Phoenix Software has passed a rigorous assessment based on industry standards (ISO 19770) and the Microsoft SAM Optimisation Model (SOM), by an independent third-party evaluator. The assessment evaluates our current SAM practices, knowledge and ability to consult organisations, of all sizes, on an ongoing, always-on basis. We are also required to undergo an annual reassessment to ensure we remain accredited and qualified based on programme requirements.

Quality Assured

Ready to Learn More?

To learn more about what to expect and the terms and conditions for the programme, contact a member of the Phoenix Software SAM Team today on 01904 562200, email or fill in the form below and a member of the team will get back to you.