Becrypt has a long heritage of providing Enterprise Data Protection solutions to the most security conscious organisations, including Government, MOD, Public Sector and corporates based on its encryption, end point protection and thin client/Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions.

Its range of Secure Mobile solutions ensures that data held on or accessed from the organisational network via Windows, Android and iOS devices remains protected at all times.  While its innovative Mobile Device Management solutions enable organisations to swiftly provision and deploy the latest mobile form factors in an appropriately secure configuration. This ensures compliance with security policies, protecting sensitive data, while empowering staff to work more flexibly, and providing a good user experience using modern equipment.

Becrypt’s solutions can be managed centrally and deployed remotely, saving time for workers and avoiding support and maintenance overheads for IT.

Phoenix Software is one of the UK’s leading Becrypt Gold Partners and was named Best Emerging Becrypt Partner in 2014.