Welcome to Phoenix On-Demand or POD as we like to call it

This is our series of Podcasts where we will be looking to help, educate and hopefully entertain you on all things IT. Take a look at the episodes below and if you have any topics that you’d like to see covered, please let us know at


Episode One

How Technology is Impacting Your Sector

In the first ever episode of POD (Phoenix On-Demand) our host Jonny Scott is joined by our Sector Sales Directors, Keith Martin (Public Sector), Debbie Dean (Education) and Greg Dean (Charities and Housing Associations ) as they discuss how they see the IT landscape and challenges facing each of their sectors


Episode Two

Microsoft’s Vision of the Modern Workplace 

This episode is focused on creating the Modern Workplace and to discuss this in more detail, in the studio today we have special guest from Microsoft – Elliott Jenkin, Microsoft’s Modern Workplace Specialist. We also have Craig Taylor (Phoenix’s Cloud Solutions Director) and David Brown (Phoenix’s Modern Workplace Solutions Specialist).


Episode Three

Are You Cloud First or Cloud Smart?

On this episode of POD we are privileged to have with us Richard Munro, Director of Global Cloud Strategy at VMware. We’ll be gaining his insight on what he’s seeing in the UK, discussing the complex dynamics of cloud usage within UK Public Sector and reviewing how VMware are strategically working with the big cloud players, such as Microsoft, AWS and Google, to deliver on their multi-cloud strategy.



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