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Ensure you are secure right from the start with Mimecast

As your organisation transitions to a cloud solution you may be losing many of the layers of security and protection that you would have built into your on-premise environment.

There is no doubt that moving to the cloud is a sensible move for many organisations offering more flexibility at a lower cost, however it may leave you vulnerable in more ways than one:


With Microsoft Office 365 you only have a single layer of security as standard, giving cyber criminals essentially only one ‘lock to pick’ before potentially gaining access to over 140 million accounts worldwide. This single layer of security would have been simply unacceptable in your on-premise environment, so why would this be any different in a cloud environment?


We all make mistakes, staff can accidentally delete important documents or emails. With Microsoft Office 365 there is no independent archiving or back-up meaning this data would be lost forever.


In the last six months alone Microsoft servers in the UK have gone down three time causing over 35 hours of down time for many customers. This can be avoided with a continuity service such as Mimecast’s which guarantees 0% down time – even when Microsoft’s servers fail.

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At Phoenix we recommend whenever you switch to Microsoft Office 365 you partner with Mimecast to ensure that you are fully protected from the start.

Join Mimecast and Phoenix on Wednesday 1 May at 10:30am to find out how Mimecast can fully protect your cloud environment:

Register Now – Webinar – Wednesday 1 May at 10:30am

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