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Adobe Sign is now integrated in all Office 365 apps

Adobe Sign adds powerful eSignature capabilities to the full suite of Office 365 software to automate approval workflows right from the tools your teams use every day. It integrates seamlessly with multistep processes in SharePoint and Flow, as well as standalone workflows in Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Teams.

Save time and speed signing

Adobe Sign makes it fast and easy to collect eSignatures on any document, form or contract directly from the Office 365 apps you use every day. From complex business processes to one-off approvals, Adobe Sign fits into all your Microsoft workflows:


Merge customer data and documents from SharePoint into electronic contracts, and create workflows based on business logic to route those contracts for signature. For example, you can set up a SharePoint workflow that automatically routes contracts valued at less than £100,000 to a single approver and contracts valued at more than £100,000 to multiple approvers.


Initiate the signing process for agreements right from your favourite email app by clicking Send For Signature in the Outlook taskbar. Automatically track approval progress along the way – and even use Fill and Sign to automatically create form fields, and complete and approve documents that are sent to you.

Word and PowerPoint

Create estimates and contracts from scratch, send them for approval and monitor progress in real time directly from the apps.

Microsoft Flow

Incorporate eSignatures into your favourite Microsoft Flow applications and automatically kick off tasks after an agreement is signed.

Microsoft Teams

Collaborate with colleagues to create and send agreements, and send those documents for signature using Adobe Sign bots.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Whether you’re integrating eSignatures into smart SharePoint workflows, quickly requesting approvals from Outlook, or using another Microsoft app to send and track contracts, your clients, customers and partners will love the signing experience. When a document is ready to be signed, recipients get an email with a link. They can click or tap the link from any browser or mobile device – no matter where they are – and easily sign in seconds. There’s no need to install additional software: an intuitive wizard guides recipients to each required field and they simply type their name to sign.

Protect your documents and data

One of the advantages of a trusted eSignature solution is the security it brings to your information management workflows. Adobe Sign delivers more than 1,000 security features, processes and controls to protect the documents and data that flow through your organisation. Increase signing security for sensitive documents with multifactor authentication or certificate-based digital signatures. Rely on eSignature technology that complies with rigorous global security standards, such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 – and improve compliance by archiving signed documents with a complete audit trail.

Maximise productivity with industry leaders

As preferred enterprise solution partners, Adobe and Microsoft are partnering to develop integrated services across Adobe Document Cloud and Office 365 that help businesses digitally transform while delivering great experiences for their customers.


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