Transform your learning environment

ScreenBeam can transform your regular classrooms into a focused learning environment, designed to encourage creativity and innovation among students and staff.

The Screenbeam 960 wireless display receiver gives your teachers the freedom and flexibility to present and interact from anywhere in the classroom, on any Windows (7 and above) or Android device to your existing interactive display or projector. The Sunbeam 960, developed in partnership with Microsoft for Windows 10, sets a new industry standard for wireless display technology, but what benefits would you truly see:

  • Teach and present from anywhere in the room
  • Collaborate wirelessly with interactive touch screen support
  • Interact with your class and content in real-time
  • Increase productivity and collaboration
  • Save network bandwidth, no Wi-Fi network required
  • Save money, no cables to install
  • Eliminate cable clutter
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Why stop there?

Combine the ScreenBeam 960 wireless display receiver with the ScreenBeam Classroom Commander to provide fully interactive and immersive learning to your students. Easily allowing teachers to manage, guide and share student devices without interrupting the flow of a lesson, helping students to keep focused and engaged. There are many advantages to the ScreenBeam Classroom Commander including:

  • Teachers and students can present from anywhere in the classroom
  • Preview student screen before wirelessly displaying
  • Creates an interactive and collaborative environment
  • Real-time updates on student screen activity and active applications
  • Teachers can have full command over student devices
  • Can Message to an individual or a group
  • Does not require additional bandwidth and server to deploy
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