Next Generation of Creative Cloud Empowering Creativity

Adobe Creative Cloud apps and services empower students to think creatively and communicate expressively, so they can turn their classroom ideas into college and career opportunities

Adobe recently announced updates to Creative Cloud, called the Creative Cloud 2019 release. These updates provide access to the latest features and services available within the Creative Cloud. Customers with Named-User licence entitlements can update today.

Creative Cloud 2019 is not available on device-based licences, so customers should not attempt an update at this time. Based on how you have set up your updates and installs, see below for instructions:

  • If you package updates using Creative Cloud Packager, then no action is required and you should remain on the 2018 versions of the products.
  • If your creative users have access to the Creative Desktop application and can install products themselves, then we recommend following the instructions here to disable the apps panel.
  • If you or your users have already tried to update, the 2019 Creative Cloud apps installed on a machine will run in trial mode. To convert back to Creative Cloud 2018, please see this HelpX page for support.

Coming Soon – Shared Device Licensing

Adobe have been working to provide a new Shared Device License to our education customers who use Creative Cloud in shared environments such as labs and classrooms. This will ensure access to new cloud-based apps, as well as Creative Cloud services such as cloud storage, Adobe Fonts and Portfolio. The Shared Device License* will give you:

Access to Cloud First Apps

  • Access to new apps like XD, Spark Premium and Premiere Rush when using entitled devices
  • Full functionality in apps like Photoshop and Premiere Pro

Access to Services

  • Enable students to use Portfolio and showcase their work to future employers
  • Expand resources with TypeKit so that students can make whatever they can imagine
  • Access to storage allows students to quickly save and sync assets

Simplified Licence Management

  • Create groups of licences to match locations of devices and assign a sub-admin to manage the environment
  • New insights into the volume of students using devices in each environment to help ensure coverage matches needs
  • Purchase licensing for the volume of devices required rather than a pre-set amount
*Available first half of 2019

Common Questions

Q: Can we still buy for only the devices they need?
Yes. Shared Device License is purchased in exactly the same way as the current device licence solution.

Q: What if our renewal is in April 2019, will we be required to migrate at that time?
No. You can still purchase/renew device licences until your institution is ready to migrate. The self-service migration functionality will be available early 2019. Current Device Licenses will EOL 31 December 2019.

Q: Can we purchase more device licences after the release of Shared Device Licenses?
Yes. If your institution has not migrated to Shared Device License, you can purchase additional units of device if needed. If you have migrated to Shared Device License, you can only purchase that licence type.

Q: If we start migrating, can we go back to device?
No. Once your institution starts the migration process you will have 30 days to complete the migration before device licences become inactive. You will need to be fully prepared to complete the migration before starting.

Q: What is required of our institution to migrate?
Migration involves the creation of new packages and redeployment to the machines to be provisioned.


This new Shared Device License will be available in early 2019, at no additional cost, at which point we recommend you update to the latest version of Creative Cloud.

For more information on Shared Device Licensing, please talk to the Phoenix Education Team today on 01904 562200, email [email protected] or fill in the form below:

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