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If you’re looking for an alternative to university, where you can earn while you learn, then an apprenticeship with Phoenix could be the right choice for you.

After a year of hard work, on-the-job learning, study, coursework, exams, interviews and assessments Jasmine Bowling, Matt Tinker and Jimmy Johnson have now all successfully completed their apprenticeship programmes at Phoenix.

Jasmine has completed her Advanced Apprenticeship in IT, Software, Web and Telecom Professionals while Matt and Jimmy have completed their Level 3 – Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship.

Jasmine has completed modules on networking and architecture, mobile operating systems and business processes. Matt and Jimmy have both completed modules on networking and architecture, mobile operating systems, cloud services, coding and logic and business processes alongside industry recognised vendor certifications.

The learning curve has been steep and often demanding at times, but they have not waivered. Each of them has given an excellent account of themselves and proven to be fantastic, fully integrated additions to the business and as such have all been deservedly offered full-time contracts at Phoenix.

Such was the success of this apprenticeship scheme we have now extended it further to complement our IT Services growth strategy with the addition of Joshua and Samuel who have started on the Service Desk this month and are also enrolled on the Level 3 – Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship.

Below is a overview from Jasmine, Matt and Jimmy of their time at Phoenix so far …

Jasmine Bowling

“Completing my 12-month Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in IT, Software, Web and Telecom Professionals has been a great experience for me and helped me develop my skills more efficiently within Phoenix. I had three exams in total to complete, with classroom delivery and coursework to complete. There was a variety of ways to complete my coursework, including written work, recorded discussions with my assessor and videos. This helped boost my confidence and showed the different ways you can learn new skills.

Apprenticeships are a great way to learn, as you get on the job experience as well as attending lessons and completing coursework. An online tracking system helps keep track of the work you have submitted, the work you need to complete and any feedback your assessor or mentor gives you, which is helpful to see and work from. I even won Apprentice of the Month, which was a great achievement for me!

Matt Tinker

“When I first started at Phoenix I spent a significant amount of time reading into things that I didn’t know existed. I have learned so much over the past year. I came in having minimal to no experience with most of the software that Phoenix uses, but now feel confident supporting all of the internal system.

I feel very happy to have reached a point of self-sustenance and I certainly couldn’t have reached it without the help from the Service Desk Team, the Apprenticeship Team and trainers as well as the patience of everyone who helped me while I was learning and to all of them I owe a massive thank you.

I am going to continue with further specific vendor qualifications and am currently planning which areas to study.”

Jimmy Johnson

“I always thought technical support was fixing hardware, password resets, account unlocking, fixing and/or replacing hardware – I was so wrong.

Before starting at Phoenix, I did a wide range IT including dabbling with Graphic Design especially the Adobe Suites, 3D Modelling Software and some Web Development, but then moved onto the more technical side as this interested me more.

I started at Phoenix having no idea what my colleagues were saying. Literally. Now, after only being here for a year, I am already dealing with second line support work and what myself and Matt have learnt in one year would take five years anywhere else. This shows how fantastic the progression here is at Phoenix. I would highly recommend Phoenix to anyone with family members looking for an apprenticeship in IT.

I am now studying for an MCSA in Windows 10 which will mean I have to complete three tough exams. I want to start looking more in to Intune and its deployment, configuration and maintenance. In the future I am hoping to be a Technical Consultant working for Phoenix.”


Our Apprenticeship programme aims to give motivated young people a vital first step in their IT careers, combining hands-on learning with qualification-led training, to give you a kick start to your career.

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