Cloud Economics

Moving to the cloud can be scary with uncertainty about costs, licensing implications and how to migrate. These doubts can stop people realising the benefits which can be gained by leveraging cloud technologies, but Craig Taylor (Phoenix Cloud Solutions Director) and Ben Gannon (Cloud Solutions Partner Manager) take a look at the solution – Cloud Economics.

At Phoenix we spend a lot of time talking to our customers and a common recurring theme we encounter is the desire to leverage the cloud’s capabilities to drive innovation and efficiencies within their organisations as well as realising the clouds ability to increase their organisations flexibility, collaborative capability and IT agility.

Furthermore, the cloud enables organisations to save money by taking advantage of great productivity tools in the ever-evolving Office 365 toolset and become more efficient by moving certain workloads to public cloud like Microsoft Azure. This allows them to operate in a more resilient environment and free up their IT Staffs time to focus on the larger strategic aims of the organisation and start to build a better future for the public services and people they support.

However, change is always difficult especially when there is uncertainty regarding the technology, how it will be deployed and the associated financial implications for the organisation. As such the process needs to be carefully managed throughout.

Cloud Economics

Phoenix understand these concerns and have brought together our IT Software, Hardware and Services expertise to develop a solution which alleviates this uncertainty, by helping you understand what the best solution for your business looks like – from a commercial, IT solution and people change perspective.

Cloud Economics has been designed to reduce this uncertainty by providing you with answers to frequently asked questions such as:

  • Which of my VM’s and applications can move to the cloud?
  • What are the benefits of moving them to the cloud?
  • Should I move them all into the cloud?
  • What is the most effective method of moving into the cloud?
  • What are the costs of moving, or partially moving, into the cloud?
  • What is the licensing impact of moving into the cloud?

To do this we begin by undertaking a series of discovery exercises and discussions to develop a thorough understanding of your current licensing, application and infrastructure landscape, Technology Asset Management (TAM) processes and policies and long-term IT strategy.

This multi-faceted approach allows us to analyse all the different angles of a major transformation project and engage with stakeholders from across your whole organisation to ensure the technical solution proposed meets your requirements and is licensed and migrated as effectively as possible.

Following this initial engagement, we will develop a bespoke report containing the findings of the discovery exercises and discussions, cloud deployment recommendations, migration strategy, TAM recommendations and projected total cost of ownership.

This report will be presented by one of our Cloud Specialists allowing you to ask any further questions you might have regarding migrating to the cloud.  As such our Cloud Economics solution ensures that you have all the information you need to understand the true cost of migrating to the cloud vs remaining on-premise and what benefits it can give your organisation.


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