Adobe Shared Device Licensing

The way Adobe support Creative Cloud in labs and classrooms is changing – for the better.

On 28 January 2019,  Adobe introduced a new type of licence called Shared Device Licensing. Adobe Shared Device Licenses enables students to access the full power of Creative Cloud apps and services in lab environments and deliver an improved licence management experience, with greater functionality and deeper insights.

With Shared Device Licensing in computer labs, students can take advantage of the full Adobe Creative Cloud platform, including:

  • Create and share rich web prototypes, using Adobe XD
  • Edit and share videos quickly and easily, using Premiere Rush
  • Access to 15,000 Adobe Fonts included free with Creative Cloud
  • Access to Creative Cloud Libraries and Files
  • Adobe Marketplace images and vectors.

What are the benefits of Shared Device Licensing for students?

With Shared Device Licensing students will be able to access the latest versions of all Creative Cloud desktop apps in a shared environment. The student will be able to access their profile wherever they are – in the lab or classroom – and access their saved work.

How does this change impact students accessing Creative Cloud?

To access the latest apps and services in Creative Cloud, students will be prompted for an ID and password. This can be created in two ways:

  1. The institution can provision Enterprise IDs or Federated IDs to K-12 (primary and secondary) or higher education students through the Admin Console
  2. Higher education students can create a free Adobe ID on They’ll be asked for their name, email and age. No credit card number will be requested. This option isn’t available for K-12 customers

When will Shared Device Licensing be available?

Shared Device Licensing is available now.

Are ‘serialized deployments’ the same as ‘device licences’?

‘Serialized deployment’ is when IT managers utilise a serial key to create software packages. These packages do not provide access to cloud services and are based on anonymous users (lab/classroom example). ‘Device licences’ are available via VIP. Customers will not have access to the new versions of apps on serial or device licences, so we encourage every customer to upgrade as soon as possible to the new Shared Device License.

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Ben Murden

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As this new Adobe Shared Device License is available now, at no additional cost, we recommend that you update to the latest version of Creative Cloud.

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