Are you R80 Ready?

Check Point R80 is here, it’s time to reap the benefits.

Check Point have launched their new flagship R80 version. The new feature-rich Check Point GAiA R80 version offers a multitude of benefits, enhanced features and vastly streamlined administration. All designed to help your organisation consolidate all aspects of your security functions on a single platform while allowing you to manage your network security more efficiently and effectively.

R80 offers multiple new features to make firewall administration simpler and more automated. It also brings technical upgrade complexity and enhanced ways of working.

Ensure your R80 migration is smooth and hassle free.

We have launched ‘R80 Ready’ so you can migrate with confidence and gain the maximum future benefit. Services include planning, testing, training and upgrade support to make your R80 migration painless and ensure you see immediate, and lasting benefits.


Step OneR80 Aware

We know all upgrades are fluid processes which can be disrupted by blockages which can only become apparent during the upgrade itself.

We will create a simulated live upgrade of your management server enabling us to pinpoint any issues to rectify before your live migration.


Step Two – R80 Prepared

R80 brings new enhanced ways of working, a completely new GUI and multiple new features which you will not be familiar with.

Our bespoke ‘Jump Start’ training will allow your admins to transition to the new version with all the skills and knowledge they need.

Highly Recommended

Step Three – R80 Enabled

Qualified experts every step of the way.

Delivery of your upgrade utilising our 10+ years’ deployment experience, using data from your simulation to ensure a smooth transition with no errors.


Take the next step

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