Get ready for the next phase of your cloud journey

As global workloads accelerate, the need for greater agility and deployment options have driven public clouds to be increasingly more attractive.

Customers view public clouds as a way to gain the flexibility and speed to respond to changing business needs, accelerate innovation and align costs to business requirements by managing upfront expenses, operational support and TCO.

However, in doing so, many customers are recognising the benefit of having their public clouds integrate and work seamlessly with their on-premise infrastructure while taking advantage of their existing teams, skillsets, tools and processes.

The true, integrated hybrid cloud

With more than 87% of cloud users having already adopted some hybrid capabilities, it’s easy to see why this is only going to continue to rise. Many organisations are already seeing the benefits of hybrid cloud in areas such as:

  • Using existing management tools to manage public cloud resources
  • Leveraging consistent infrastructure for seamless, bi-directional application portability
  • Modernising existing applications or building new ones with innovative public cloud services
  • Extending established rules, policies and governance from on-premise to public cloud
  • Take advantage of existing teams, skills and processes in public cloud environment

How to evolve your hybrid cloud

The true integrated hybrid cloud is possible, but how do you get there? Well, you can start by looking at the following:

Prioritise infrastructure consistency, seamlessly integrating on-premise, colocation and public cloud environments and having a consistent, unified way to manage across them.

Manage disruption
Leveraging existing tools, skills and technologies where appropriate can help reduce costs, time and make for a smoother transition.

Optimise application placement
Minimise costs and meet technical and business requirements by intelligently placing workloads to the most suitable environment.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Customers across the Public Sector are accelerating adoption of both AWS Cloud and VMware infrastructure. Many of them want the ability to integrate their on-premise data centre environments with AWS using their existing tools and skillsets within a common operating environment based on familiar VMware software. VMware Cloud on AWS delivers on this promise by providing a unified infrastructure framework that bridges the gap between private and public clouds. VMware Cloud on AWS delivers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud that extends on-premise vSphere environments to a VMware SDDC running on Amazon EC2 elastic, bare-metal infrastructure and is fully integrated as part of the AWS Cloud.

VMware Cloud on AWS enables Enterprise IT and Operations teams to continue to add value to their business in the AWS cloud, while maximising their VMware investments, without the need to buy new hardware. This offering enables customers to quickly and confidently scale up or down capacity, without change or friction, for any workload with access to native cloud services.

VMware Cloud on AWS is powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, the unified VMware SDDC platform that integrates VMware vSphere, VMware Virtual SAN and VMware NSX virtualisation technologies.


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