The Time is Now

The best time to implement an additional layer of cyber resilience for Office 365 is as soon as you migrate your email to the cloud.

At Phoenix we see Mimecast’s Continuity Service as an essential add-on during any Office 365 migration to ensure your email keeps flowing.

Why do you need third party security?

According to Forrester, only 5% of organisations are very confident in the overall security capabilities of their chosen email cloud provider.

Proof of why they feel this way, was highlighted when Microsoft’s Office 365 servers went down for 15 hours on 19 November 2018 and then again for 20 hours on 24 and 25 January 2019, causing massive disruption to organisations all over the world – including parts of the UK Government. This left organisations unable to login and access their email accounts, or any other Office 365 services, which are vital to any organisation.

With Mimecast Security, Archiving and Continuity you are guaranteed to have 0% down time – even when Microsoft servers go down. Backup and continuity are considered a must when storing data on-premise, why should this be any different in a cloud environment?

Where can Mimecast help?

1 – Security

  • Email gateway and Targeted Threat Protection keep out advanced threats that Office 365 may let in
  • Encryption and DLP ensure data doesn’t get into wrong hands
  • Works independently or in tandem with security offerings such as EOP

2 – Archiving

  • Secure preservation of email data, fastest search speed in the industry
  • Removes the risk of customers holding all their data in one environment – single point of failure
  • Independent, verifiable copy of data stored automatically in perpetuity
  • Sync & Recover provides integrated archive, backup and recovery with single-instance storage3 – Continuity
  • Employees continue to send and receive email even when Office 365 has an outage
  • Continuous access to email during an Office 365 migration with no business disruption

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