Future Innovation in the Education Sector

Keith Martin, Sales Director at Phoenix Software, looks at future innovations and what is possible in the education sector.

As a pure Public Sector solutions provider, the education sector is one that we care about a lot here at Phoenix. Supplying to schools, colleges and universities across the UK, we are passionate about delivering the innovation and outcomes that these establishments require as they look to develop the talent of the future.

The education sector is under tremendous pressure, yet it is admired globally, and not only is it fantastic to see the work being undertaken currently, but it is inspiring when you think about the potential of what can be achieved in years to come.

As a partner told me recently, innovation must start with a ‘believer’ – someone who believes they can make a difference, someone who isn’t just going to accept that education should always be delivered in the same way. This is something I completely agree with. The potential to deliver remarkable outcomes is there and we are now witnessing some tremendous pieces of work being undertaken by colleges and universities across the UK.

Here at Phoenix we can support these organisations in a number of ways, providing those crucial ‘art of the possible’ sessions to really showcase what can be achieved. These may cover numerous technologies and focus on, as an example, student experience. We will also look to bring the licensing agreements to life – for us in colleges and universities the untapped power of the licences that these establishments purchase is often significant and it something we really drill into. Looking at a couple of scenarios:

  • The ability to provide accessible technology to students with disabilities or challenges – this is something that is very important to me personally.
  • In a multi-cultural society or for establishments dealing with students from overseas the ability to help with translation could not only save significant amounts of money on something that would otherwise be outsourced but could improve the students experience and ultimately the results they get.

Both of these areas are supported within M365.

Of course, it’s not just about delivering technology – driving adoption is also vital. I’ve witnessed establishments where devices are either gathering dust in cupboards or are being used as a basic replacement for books. Unlocking productivity and driving adoption and outcomes is what we do and we have spent time with many organisations running sessions for students through to senior leadership teams to really ensure that the benefit from the investment is realised.

Going back to my reference to the ‘believer’, this is very important. These individuals are shaping the market, these individuals are not looking to save pennies on a 100% price tender for a licensing agreement, they do not want an agreement that limits them, they are looking for a partner to help them transform, to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with them, to provide licensing that drives their organisation forward, provide security and business intelligence, that is an education enabler, they want a partner to deliver solutions that will save their establishment money and deliver a foundation for success. If that is the sort of partner you are looking for, then I think we should have a chat.


If you would like to understand how we could help your education institution, please let us know. Whether you are small school or a very large university we would welcome the opportunity to talk and see how we could potentially help.

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