IT Support Managed Service

Let Phoenix help your team with our IT Support Managed Service.

From networks and applications to servers and everything in between, when something goes wrong it can hinder productivity and impact your day-to-day business.

We all need a little support sometimes, so our IT Support Managed Service is designed to be a scalable, responsive extension to your own IT Team that seamlessly augments in-house technical support services for organisations of all sizes. Available in Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum, the Phoenix IT Support

Managed Service comes in the following packages – all of which can be tailored to your needs.

Reactive Support

Expand your technical support capability and gain peace of mind with the Phoenix Reactive Support Service.

In a rapidly changing, technology dependant world of multiple systems and solutions it can be hard to call on the necessary skills when things go wrong.

Our Reactive Support Service can complement and extend your existing IT capabilities. We have a team of experienced IT support specialists who are at hand to help you with issues that may need extra assistance. With nearly 30 years’ experience and strong partnerships with all the leading technology vendors, our services are proven, flexible and can be adjusted to best suit your organisations requirements.

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Proactive Support

Take advantage of our in-house expertise to advise, guide, plan, implement and manage your organisations IT journey.

We have a multitude of skilled in-house specialists across a range of technologies who can help you decide which way to steer your IT strategy, assist with technical projects or guide your understanding of what different technologies are available and how they can improve your organisation.

Our Proactive Support Service will guide and provide strategic services that ensure you get the most from your IT investments.

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Monitoring and Alerting

Due to organisations reliability on technology, IT system availability and stability is more important than ever.

Our Monitoring & Alerting Support Service lets you see exactly what is happening across your network infrastructure allowing you to identify outages and bottlenecks before they become a larger issue. With our service you can configure alerts so that your IT staff and system owners can respond before it impacts your organisation.

Entirely cloud-based with no additional infrastructure required, our Monitoring & Alerting Support Service is completely customisable so you can monitor the exact metrics you need to see across range of platforms and prevent incidents reoccurring with root cause analysis capability.

The services also includes comprehensive monitoring for critical network devices such as routers, switches and firewalls giving Network Teams the deep performance visibility required to manage complex networks.

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Patching Support

Keeping systems up to date is essential in today’s world where security threats and legislation are rapidly evolving and it’s important to stay as evergreen as possible.

Out of date systems are more susceptible to security threats and if you experience issues on these systems it can be difficult to get support. Patching can be both time consuming and complex and until it becomes an issue can often be forgotten about in a busy IT department. However, patching can offer many benefits to your organisation such as many new features and functionality that are often made available.

Let the Phoenix Patching Support Service takeaway your patching issues, allowing you to focus on the running of your IT.

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What does out IT support Manage Service cover?

The Phoenix IT Support Managed Service is aligned to assisting your organisations existing IT Team with many world-leading vendors such as Microsoft, Dell EMC, VMware, Sophos and many more.

Our Bronze, Silver and Gold Services operate from 08:00 – 18:00 (Mon – Fri), with the Platinum Service operating 24 x 7 x 365 and focused on supporting a wide range of technologies.


For further details, including a personalised quote and breakdown of the services available to your organisation, please contact a member of the Phoenix Team today on 01904 562200, email [email protected] of fill in the form below:

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