Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: the next generation finance system for the NfP sector

What is Business Central?

Microsoft Business Central (formally Dynamics NAV) is the next generation 100% cloud-based solution from Microsoft – tailor-made for the NfP sector. It’s an all-in-one financial management solution that covers many aspects of your organisation from the general ledger to entering timesheet data and analysing project activities.

Microsoft have brought together a selection of technologies, like Office, Outlook, Power BI and merged them into a seamless game changing business management solution for the third sector.

Now that Business Central is infused into Outlook you can see transactions, create a quote and much more all within Outlook, leaving no need to log into another system. This is a great collaboration feature that will save time each day.

Another great feature is that Business Central is connected in to some Azure services such as Azure Analytics, which looks at what has been sold historically and gives you an inventory forecast.

There are several add-ons, but one of the most impressive is Power BI.

Business Central seamlessly integrates with Power BI, making the ability to analyse and plan using up to date information an easy process. Power BI is free of charge when you are using it to analyse data within Business Central, however when you use it to analyse date outside of the solution you will have to purchase a licence. Having this functionally is a great starting point for you to start using your data to make an informed decision.

Now, let’s look how we connect this add-on …

Power BI in your Dynamics solution

Embedding Power BI

Connections and Security


Look at what customers say about the Dynamics family, especially highlighting how collaboration can be achieved

Ben Murden
Ben Murden

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Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE)

London-based non-profit Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) advances the interests of consulting and engineering companies that build infrastructure in the United Kingdom. ACE relies on collaborative tools to plan industry events and connect member businesses. Prior to moving to the cloud and upgrading communication technology, ACE staff members were frustrated by slow data access. Now the team uses Microsoft 365 to collaborate easily, quickly, and securely. Meanwhile, the ACE Digital team focuses on strategic issues that deliver greater value.

With Microsoft 365, we’ve experienced a 25 percent decrease in operating costs, and we’re saving money that we invest in our outward-facing infrastructure.

Sebastian Ailioaie, Head of Digital
Association for Consultancy and Engineering

University of Worcester

With a focus on the sales, marketing, and customer service capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Wilkinson plans to continue developing relationships between the university and Microsoft partners and customers. The real-world examples provided by Microsoft partners and customers inspire his students, intensifying their awareness of Dynamics-related careers. Through the holistic learning opportunities including hands-on Microsoft Dynamics 365 experience and industry and local connections, Wilkinson acknowledges the potential impact on his students, stating “We may have the next top consultant or developer currently sitting in our classrooms

Students engage better when they feel as though they are doing something worthwhile

Richard Wilkinson, Lecturer Consultant in Software Development and Programming
University of Worcester


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