Check Point Excels in Security Effectiveness

Check Point have achieved the highest security effectiveness score in the 2019 NSS Labs Breach Prevention Systems (BPS) group test. Check Point’s Next Generation Threat Prevention Appliances and Advanced Endpoint Security achieved a 100% block rate and earned a ‘Recommended’ rating.

The highlights from the test include:

  • 98.4% overall security effectiveness
  • 100% block rate
  • 100% malware prevention, email and web
  • 100% exploit resistance
  • 0% false positives

Why does the BPS group test matter?

The NSS Labs Breach prevention Systems group test represents the first published comparison of technology suites. Their testing included multiple security vendors with each vendor replicating a ‘breach prevention posture’ for customers, this then allows NSS Labs to assess the effectiveness of each solution independently. The purpose of this test was to block all attacks across various vectors, like network and endpoint, using all available security tools. Check Point used its unique, real-time prevention solutions such as Sandblast Network, Sandblast Agent, threat extraction, anti-bot and more.

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Ben Murden

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Vendors have been claiming for several years that if you purchase their products as a suite, you will see better results than if you combine best-of-breed products. Enterprises asked NSS Labs if this was true. To find out, we tested and performed an analysis of the claims, the conclusion of which is in this report. The Breach Prevention Systems (BPS) Security Value Map (SVM) is based upon data collected over thousands of hours of testing during NSS’ most recent tests including our Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), Next Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems (NGIPS), Breach Prevention Systems (BPS), and Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) Group Tests
NSS Labs

What makes Check Point different?

Check Point Infinity, which integrates security solutions for network, cloud, mobile and endpoint, provides a consolidated architecture that blocks sophisticated attacks across all surfaces and vectors and unifies threat prevention management in a single console. Check Point’s technology utilises a combination of threat intelligence and research with ThreatCloud – the world’s most powerful threat intelligence database. ThreatCloud powers 64 threat prevention engines for both known and unknown threats used in Check Point’s market-leading network, cloud, endpoint, mobile and IoT security solutions, enabling companies to stay ahead of hackers and consume fewer security team resources.

Read the full NSS Labs BPS group test

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