Bring Subjects to Life in the Classroom

In education, creativity can permeate your entire curriculum – there’s no reason to restrict it to the arts or to subjects traditionally seen as creative. Here are a few examples how schools are using Creative Cloud across subjects to teach digital literacy and soft skills:


Adobe Photoshop

Tackle interesting topics like British Values (Rule of law, individual liberty, democracy, mutual respect) and PSHE (Personal, Social,Health, Economic) with thought-provoking and creative work.

Alternatively, help your students get into the mind of literacy and historical figures by testing their knowledge and getting them to create a fake social media account like Instagram. Use Adobe Photoshop to create your fake social media template and let your students create and insert their images. They can also create their characters username, bio and any other text they like on the page.

This is a great way to test your students, helping them learn and develop an understanding of personalities, motivations and the public’s persona of their chosen person or character. The skills they will learn using Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop are ones that they will use throughout their school life and will transfer to the workplace and beyond.



Adobe Character Animator 

Using animation can help visual learners understand and respond to GCSE texts. By using Adobe Character Animator you can engage and create great deeper discussions for your students in the classroom.  According to recent studies, 80% of students are more interested in reading something with colours. Help your students to read and understand characters and text by allowing them to create their own MP4 video in Character Animator, for example you can use the story of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde for help with GCSE English Literature.

You can use already made templates of characters provided by Adobe or create and import your own into the software. Students can then go ahead and create this character, speaking and moving using language they think the character would use and they can also interview each other using the animator. This is a great new way to explore text in a fun and dynamic way, engaging reluctant learners and create a class resource that can be used for revision, fun class delivery or student presentations.



Adobe Spark

Help your students develop oracy skills by building digital storytelling skills through video using Spark. Adobe Spark is a multimedia platform that students can use to communicate their understanding through video, images and technical writing. 

Using Spark page and Spark video allows students to demonstrate what they have learnt developing their digital literacy skills. Spark is extremely easy to use, you can pick a design theme, drop in images and text and your document is created. Teachers can add creativity in their lessons without having to spend extra time making plans to keep your students engaged.




Ben Murden
Ben Murden

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