Empower clinicians to provide the best patient care with Microsoft 365

Bring together the best-in-class productivity of Windows 10, Office 365 and EM+S with simple device management and security to connect people and information in an intelligent new way.

Microsoft 365 provides an accessible platform to allow all occupations within the NHS to collaborate, automate and secure their digital work streams. This enriched end-user service enables digital transformation to develop, enabling clinicians to improve public outreach and care.

We know that healthcare professionals are wanting to cut through the clutter of fragmented systems and spend more quality time with patients, but face the following challenges on a daily basis:


Collaborating Automation (facilitate patient care) Security Device Management Cultural Shift
  • Reduce travel
  • Secure means of communication
  • CareNOTES
  • Accessibility/Work flows
  • Phishing attacks
  • BYOD strategy
  • Restrictions
  • Scared of change
  • Duplication


Clinical Communication in a Digital Era

At present the NHS has a push towards a cloud-based user licensing agreement – for enterprise wide products such as Microsoft 365 (M365) – for ease of management and security. This subscription model enables the NHS to keep their product portfolio patched and secured through the regular updates that Microsoft release. Furthermore, as clinical-specific applications are paramount for day-to-day tasks within the NHS, being able to couple this with the collaboration tools from M365, such as Teams, helps prevent against communication and accessibility barriers between acute and primary care users. Various Trusts also have BYOD initiatives, however, security tends to be at the forefront of this decision. With Intune, there is ease of manageability and control, to ensure clinical data is kept safe, and that policies and restrictions are in place.

Phoenix have been an exceptional partner for South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Their extensive NHS Experience mean they understand the challenges we face and provide innovative solutions to help us overcome them. We have worked with Phoenix for more than five years now and would recommend them to any Public Sector body that is looking for a preferred and trusted partner.
Ricky Mackennon, CIOSouth London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

How can Phoenix help?

Phoenix provide Customer Immersion Experiences (CIEs) to really bring to life the potential of M365 in different use cases throughout healthcare. These sessions are held by our team of specialists at your premises to showcase the applications, accessibility, security and management features, enabling clinicians to adjust to the new technical advances, as well as driving a mobile, secure and agile message. This means that key stakeholders are getting a commitment back from users that they’ll actively use and benefit from the applications within M365.

Alongside the licensing advice that you’ll receive from our certified professionals, we can also provide a user profiling assessment which will ensure that users are licensed effectively – ultimately saving money and optimising functionality.

We also have a range of assessments that can look at the readiness of your organisations to make the move to Windows 10, Office 365 and M365. These assessments ensure that there are no surprises when making the move and that the right path is followed to ensure you get the most from your investment. As we have the experience and expertise to assess, design, build, migrate and manage your journey, you can rest assured that the transition from an on-premise environment to an online one is smooth and done with minimal disruption.

I absolutely commend Phoenix as they helped us plan a very complex project and were there with us as we worked our way towards the merger. They initially conducted an Office 365 Readiness Assessment which provided an understanding during the planning phases, so that we had a clear pathway which we worked together on to deliver a timely and well managed project. From this we knew that we were in capable hands and they are now helping us to migrate 7,000 users to Exchange/Office 365
Mark Caines, Director of ITEast Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

Why Make the Move?

Automated collaboration and workflows allow users to work from anywhere and from any device. Proven results show community clinicians can utilise their time more effectively by working as they go, removing the need to return to the office to digitise their meeting notes at the end of the day.

By utilising Teams (part of O365), clinicians can collaborate by sharing information and communicate via video instantly and securely – removing the need to travel. Savings are also made through a BYOD strategy as this can reduce the need to invest heavily in hardware refresh cycles as well as allow administrators to secure devices and protect sensitive clinical data from phishing attacks, user negligence and theft.

Additionally, we can advise on the various security features that come with M365 F1 and E3 providing your users with Advanced Threat Analytics coupled with Windows Defender. Alternatively, adopting M365 E5 users will have Advanced Threat Protection and Azure ATP. This additional layer of defence can be critical for key stakeholders who access confidential information.


Talk to our Team Today

Phoenix are currently offering Healthcare organisation free M365 workshops that are designed to showcase the technology, how other Trusts are using the productivity applications in a clinical setting and which options are available to them.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please call us today on 01904 562220 to speak to a member of our Healthcare Team or email [email protected] to get further details.