The Digital Foundation

Over the last few years, most organisations have realised the cost savings and benefitted from the operational ease that server virtualisation brought. This was a no-brainer for most and many of our customers achieved this using VMware vSphere, arguably the market leader and pioneer in this space.

VMware have been steadily virtualising other components in the on-premise data centre, such as storage and networking with their vSAN and NSX products, however, a lot of our customers are considering whether they should be running and operating their applications in the cloud going forward. As such, some believe that their reliance on VMware vSphere will diminish if they move workloads to a public cloud.

I’m guessing that most of you reading this will remember waiting for a dial tone before making a phone call! The dial tone was the required foundation for a successful call between the caller and the person receiving the inbound call. The additional virtualised components that VMware have been steadily building over the last few years have now become a ‘dial tone’ or ‘digital foundation’ for operating successful IT environments whether they are on-premise, in the cloud or a mixture of the two. A single layer across all environments.

This consistent layer or digital foundation allows today’s VMware customers to operate seamlessly on-premise and across into many cloud environments such as AWS and Azure. Think of it as hypervisor for the cloud, in that you can secure, operate and manage workloads across multiple environments to suit your organisations strategy, but importantly, you have flexibility to adapt and change as need arises. In the same way that hypervisors are agnostic of hardware, this digital foundation is agnostic of the underlying hardware OR cloud platform.

Phoenix have created a webinar series that enables you to see how creating a digital foundation brings a modern and flexible approach to managing your IT going forward. The series is broken down as follows:

  • The Digital Foundation Part One – What is the Digital Foundation?
  • The Digital Foundation Part Two – VMware vSAN
  • The Digital Foundation Part Three – VMware NSX
  • The Digital Foundation Part Four – AppDefense

After watching these, you will see that this does not have to be a big bang thing and organisations can add layers as and when needed – it’s about true flexibility and choice.

Watch the Digital Foundation

So, where do you start?

At Phoenix we have a wealth of experience, a team of experts and a range of workshops and assessments to ensure that the right decisions and strategies are put in place for your organisation.

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