Is your online environment secure?

A data breach in which the data is held for ransom is not the same as a ransomware attack. A data breach is a security incident in which sensitive or confidential data is copied and stolen from an organisation and then it can then be used in a number of ways for both financial gain and to cause harm.

As we all move into a digitalised world, the need for security to protect our hybrid/online environments becomes more and more important but is something that can be forgotten. There have been several security breaches happen due to not having the correct security in place. No longer is the main threat from internal staff, but threats that come from cyber terrorism.

Did you know:

  • 95 million Active Directory accounts are under attack daily.
  • By the end of 2019 there will be a ransomware attack on business every 14 seconds.
  • The city of Atlanta will spend $17 million dollars to recover from a ransomware scare.

These statistics are quite shocking, especially when there is so much technology available out there to protect our environments. Phoenix understand why the figures are as high as they are and that it comes down to not having unlimited budgets available.

So how do we prioritise what to protect with limited budgets?

Manage and Secure Your Environment

Join us and Quest to take a look at the recovery solutions available for Active Directory and Azure Active Directory and why it is important to have a recovery solution in place for your organisation.

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