Get organised with OneNote in the Classroom

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs aimed at the Education sector, where Kristy Hill a former Primary School teacher with six years’ experience in the classroom, will be looking at various Microsoft technologies to enable both students and teachers to be the best they can be on a daily basis.

“In education, whether student or teacher, the ability to be organised is a key skill and using OneNote in the classroom is one that can be easily mastered with this fantastic learning tool designed with education in mind.

OneNote is a digital notebook designed to keep all your content in one place, working seamlessly with the cloud to allow you to access your notes anywhere and at any time across any device. For teachers and students, this empowers them to quickly access classroom resources and content and search easily to find what they are looking for. Better still, through using OneNote, it allows the flexibility to engage in the classroom in a variety of ways in one place; utilising digital ink for handwritten notes or to draw diagrams, inserting pictures, video content and easily accessible live links.

OneNote in the classroom

Switching to OneNote in the classroom can save schools time and money. Gone are the days of staff queuing at the photocopier each morning and distributing costly amounts of worksheets; to be replaced by seamless distribution of class content with a few simple clicks. Teachers can set classroom tasks, distribute and mark class or homework assignments and provide more effective feedback combining handwritten, typed or even verbal feedback via audio recordings. By incorporating OneNote into daily classroom routines, you can move towards a cost-effective paperless environment while enhancing student performance and engagement.

Class Notebook for students and teachers

Class Notebooks serve a dual purpose, providing students with a personal workspace where they can record class notes and assignments and teachers a content library where they can place read only documents and resources, joined together with a collaboration space allowing for communication with the whole class, great for lessons starters and group work.

Staff Notebook for school leaders

Staff Notebooks provide a personal workspace for every staff member and a collaboration space for the whole team. Imagine having all your institution’s policies and procedures in one place that can be easily accessed by all staff, providing read-only content that can be kept up to date easily and collaborative areas to incorporate staff calendars and agendas.

Built in accessibility

Another added benefit of using OneNote in the classroom is the built-in accessible features which mean that every student or teacher can access the content in a way that is specialised to their own individual learning needs. Using tools such as the immersive reader, dictation and Microsoft Translate, teachers can optimise classroom time and be confident that all students can consume the content regardless of ability bringing focus to enhancing their learning and time to engage with students.”

Kristy Hill is a former Primary School teacher with six years’ experience in the classroom working collaboratively using Microsoft technologies and has first-hand experience embedding them within daily practice to enhance student’s learning.

Following this Kristy has two years’ experience as a Microsoft Learning Consultant where she has built up extensive knowledge of the various uses of Office 365 and Windows 10 within an educational environment and has experience conducting CPD sessions within these areas across all educational phases. 

Give your students the skills they need to succeed

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