Make Classroom Time Matter with Microsoft Surface

In the classroom there is nothing more valuable than time and with Surface and Microsoft 365, you can ensure that time is spent doing what teachers do best – teaching! Kristy Hill, an experienced former Primary School Teacher, looks at the benefits of Microsoft Surface in the classroom …

“As a primary school teacher in the classroom, my Surface Pro device became one of my most valued classroom tools which saved me time, increased productivity and allowed me to be more flexible within my teaching. During my lessons, I was able to model classroom activities directly from my device, anywhere within the classroom meaning that I could quickly and easily demonstrate to the class at any time, even when working with a group and switch with ease between tablet and laptop mode. Combined with Office 365 tools such as OneNote, I was also able to mark and give feedback on my students work using my device, significantly reducing my workload, whilst still allowing a personal touch through the handwritten notes with the Surface Pen. For my management role it was easy to use when conducting classroom observations, taking handwritten notes, capturing pictures/videos as evidence whilst remaining as light and portable as a notebook to carry around the classroom. Without a doubt, the Surface is a great investment in a quality device that can transform the way you teach.

Why choose Surface for Education?

In an ever-changing education sector, we often feel the pressure of the need for digital transformation and a culture change. To ensure this is a success many educators look towards a trusted device brand they can rely on to deliver a high-quality digital platform. Introducing the Surface brand, with a range of devices, suitable for all within the education sector; from Surface Go which inspires creativity in the young minds of primary aged students to the Surface Book, which allows even the busiest University Principal to remain organised. The Surface allows you to do more and achieve more, giving both students and teachers time back for what really matters.

How can Surface transform the culture of teaching?

With a secure, easy-to-manage device, you can be assured that you can trust in the reliability as it allows you to increase productivity and improve student engagement and performance. Step out of the old-style teaching space where teachers are tethered to the front of the classroom and into the new modern learning environment where they move around the classroom with ease and engage and collaborate with students in more meaningful ways than ever before. Combining the power of inking through the Surface Pen you can choose to make handwritten notes or utilise the high-quality Windows features, with built in accessibility at your fingertips. With education continually changing choosing Surface devices can equip students and teachers alike with the best learning tools whilst ensuring you are developing skills for the future.”

Kristy Hill is a former Primary School teacher with six years’ experience in the classroom working collaboratively using Microsoft technologies and has first-hand experience embedding them within daily practice to enhance student’s learning.

Following this Kristy has two years’ experience as a Microsoft Learning Consultant where she has built up extensive knowledge of the various uses of Office 365 and Windows 10 within an educational environment and has experience conducting CPD sessions within these areas across all educational phases. 


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