Phoenix & The WIT Network

We are excited to announce that Phoenix has joined The WIT Network.

The WIT Network is a global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting women in technology and we are thrilled to be part of this group both globally and locally.  Julie Simpson, Founder and CEO  at ResourceiT Consulting Ltd and Co-Founder and Executive Director at The WIT Network, had the following to say on this new partnership:

“The decision taken by Phoenix Software to invest in a Corporate The WIT Network membership just goes to show how serious the business is about supporting diversity and inclusion for its own people, its partners and the IT industry as a whole.  We are absolutely thrilled that such an innovative and influential organisation like Phoenix has taken this important step.  We look forward to seeing the impact of this decision as we work in partnership to reach everyone we can to let them know that the IT industry (and especially Phoenix) is a great place to work”.

The mission and mandate of The WIT Network is to:

  • Encouraging young women and girls to study STEM subjects and pursue careers in technology
  • Supporting more female entrepreneurs to start and develop profitable businesses
  • Enabling more women to attain leadership positions, board seats and career advancement

Phoenix are passionate about encouraging more females into the tech industry as well as ensuring that we support those in our business as well. To help with this, we have produced a series of blogs from women within Phoenix sharing their experiences and showcasing the variety of career options available. We have also recorded a Podcast which will be shared shortly and recently hosted a workshop at Scarborough College to talk to young women looking at taking their next step into further education or first step in their careers.

Sam Mudd, Phoenix Managing Director, is involved in all of these initiatives as it is a subject that really matters to her and on signing The WIT Network membership, she commented:


“We are very proud to be supporting the WIT Network and the fantastic work they are doing at both a local and global level. With our membership we want to see how we can broaden our audience and knowledge in terms of reaching more people to inspire and show what a great and varied industry this is. Both male and female staff at Phoenix will be part of this membership as we feel it’s important that everyone is able to understand the challenges and look at ways that they can support and inspire more women into tech.”
Sam MuddManaging Director, Phoenix Software