Building a Digital Foundation

In today’s uncertain business climate, using technologies that enable innovation while managing the constraints of day-to-day operations may be the difference between surviving and thriving.

With increasing competition, organisational strategy and goals are becoming more aligned. The race is on to increase agility, efficiency and security – in order to drive productivity and create customer value that’s unique and stands out from your competitors. So, what is it that organisations need to be focussing on to achieve digital and innovation goals? And how can they ensure operations continue to run smoothly while working towards their objectives?

Many organisations are committed to modernising their app infrastructure in a bid to keep up with and prepare for new waves of technology. However, with some organisations already in the public cloud and some still operating on-premise, a different set of challenges arises for each.

Those with on-premise systems and apps need a solution that’s cost optimised for data intensive apps, while focussing on enterprise IT governance, data locality and control. They may be more concerned with leveraging existing tools, IT investment and operations or looking for the ideal solution for the edge. Meanwhile, those with apps in the public cloud may be more interested in a flexible, low upfront commitment to a solution that’s agile, easily scalable and built for new class of apps. They may also be looking for rich developer services that are fully managed and automated.

A digital foundation is the fundamental software-based platform you need to achieve your business and digital transformation goals through the use of digital technology. Not only will it help you create a virtualised, cloud-based infrastructure that best meets your future business and app requirements; it will enable you to strengthen cyber resilience by taking a software-defined approach to networking and security.

Evolving a digital foundation empowers businesses to simplify their operations, by providing common tools and operating models – regardless of underlying infrastructure. VMware’s Cloud Foundation works in the same way. It eliminates duplicated effort or siloed expertise and provides the simplest path from virtualisation to hyperconverged to the hybrid cloud.

In this whitepaper, we’ll discuss the following points to help you create a better digital foundation for your organisation:

• Building a digital foundation: keeping pace with the speed of disruption and complexities of technology
• Application modernisation – the challenges
• Why the need for a digital foundation?
• Foundation use cases – from private cloud to virtual desktop
• Transform, empower, create: the benefits of adopting Cloud Foundation
• Increasing agility to keep up with the competition
• vSAN: simple and secure, giving you more control
• Delivering the vision of the virtual cloud network, with the NSX portfolio
• Operational efficiency and peace of mind, through a single pane of glass approach
• A security landscape that’s constantly evolving
• AppDefense: a more effective way to stop threats
• Harness new innovations and navigate the rapid pace of change

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Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson

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Building a Digital Foundation – Find out more

Building a Digital Foundation Whitepaper

With increasing competition, organisational strategy and goals are becoming more aligned. The race is on to increase agility, efficiency and security – in order to drive productivity and create customer value that’s unique and stands out from your competitors.

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Digital Foundation Overview Infographic

Building a digital foundation with Phoenix and the VMware Cloud Foundation provides the most simple path to the hybrid cloud, introducing a modern and flexible approach to modernisation and IT management going forward.

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