True Partnerships – Phoenix & Simpson Associates

Microsoft and Azure is a strategic part of our vision with many of our customers having already invested highly with Microsoft over the decades. One of those areas of course is data – one of the biggest areas of growth for most organisations no matter what industry they’re in.

The reason we started the relationship between Phoenix and Simpson Associates is really to help our customers understand their data. We can help them understand how to optimise their infrastructure and migrate workloads into Azure and then Simpsons play a highly complementary role, helping them understand how to get better value of that data and visualise it using tools like Power BI.

We always look for best world in class type vendors and partnerships before we introduce them into our ecosystem. Simpsons hold the highest accreditations with Microsoft around data and BI and because of that we felt totally comfortable in working with them as a specialist in that area.
Sam Mudd, Managing Director, Phoenix

Giles Horwood, Managing Director at Simpson Associates commented, “We’ve been working with Phoenix for a number of years and we believe the partnership works because we take the customers beyond where they can go with just working with Phoenix, and through the partnership we can really add value as the two separate organisations coming together.”

Watch our video below to see the full partnership and the benefits that it can bring to your organisation

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