What Does Your Remote Digital Workspace Look Like?

In these challenging times, Public Sector organisations and businesses across the UK have been forced to adapt and adopt new practices. Remote working has become critical in maintaining business continuity, while keeping the workforce engaged, secure and productive during this pandemic.

Having deployed remote working solutions for Public Sector organisations for over 10 years, Phoenix have helped customers develop, manage and deploy all variations, from RDS sessions to full virtual desktops, underpinned with VMware’s Horizon and Horizon Apps solutions. VMware’s Horizon virtual desktop and application solutions offer best-in-class virtual desktops and virtual applications to Public Sector organisations.

To ensure your organisation gets the most tailored solution that perfectly meets your requirements, it’s important to ask yourself a range of questions. For example, will you use full-clone, linked-clone, or instant-clone provisioning? Will you install applications in base images, deliver them virtually, or both? How will you ensure that end users get the experience they want, while IT gains operational efficiencies?

The technology solution should directly address your organisation’s critical requirements and justify the time and expense of putting a new set of capabilities in place. Every design choice should centre on a specific business requirement and these could be driven by the end user or by the team deploying EUC services. A solution that is easy to manage but difficult to use will not be adopted by end users, whereas a solution that is easy to use but complex and difficult to manage will not be accepted by IT. Horizon provides numerous benefits to both end users and IT, but you need to consider some trade-offs.

To support our customers, our Solution Architect, Dan Bowker, has created numerous ‘mini-consultation’ like videos to help you develop the right strategy for your end user workforce, as well as the technical considerations needed to implement this strategy. Whether you are new to VDI or are looking to enhance, upgrade or refresh an existing environment – our selection of videos will assist you in answering some of the questions mentioned above.

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Jennifer Wilson

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If you have any questions or would like more information about any of VMware’s solutions, our VMware Remote Working Optimisation Service might be of interest to you. You can find out about our assessment outline and how to book it here.

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