Eight tips to keep yourself safe in the ‘new normal’

As a user, remaining vigilant is vitally important to the security of your organisation and your personal devices. Here are eight top tips to help keep you secure …

  1. Never click without thinking
    Cyber criminals use links that may look legitimate to do damage in several different ways. Always make sure you inspect links and check they’re from a trusted sender before you click. Lean more about user awareness training and take advantage of our free phishing prevention kit
  2. Keep your workstation secure
    Always make sure you lock you devices when you leave them, even if its just for a second – and always store any sensitive information in a locked draw.
  3. Know where you have been
    Keep track of your digital footprint – where you have been and what you have done on the internet. It makes it easier to spot any suspicious activities. Do you know all the accounts you have or which ones have your credit or debit card details stored on them? It doesn’t have to be you that gets attacked to be a victim of cyber crime. Delete any old accounts you do not use and make sure you use a strong password and change it regularly.
  4. Updates, updates, updates!
    It can seem like you have a constant barrage of updates on you devices – which most of us tend to put off until a more convenient time. But, these updates are there for a reason as they patch security defects that cyber criminals have managed to take advantage of. Always make sure you update your device as soon as possible if an update is available – it may save you from a costly cyber attack.
  5. Is your mobile device secure?
    Everybody is aware of the need for securing any desktop or laptop computers, but as we use our mobile devices more and more we need to keep these secure as well. Always make sure that you use strong passwords and biometric features if they are available. Turn off your Bluetooth when you don’t need it, don’t automatically connect to any public wifi and, as always, download with caution.
  6. Social engineering
    Cyber criminals can’t always find a security vulnerability, but that doesn’t always mean that they will give up. Social engineering is where a cyber criminal will use information available publicly on the internet and social media to try trick you into giving them sensitive information. Cyber criminals are very creative, if it looks strange or out of the ordinary question it – does your CEO often ask you for company bank details?
  7. Back it up
    You must always back up all of your important data! Where you back it up is up to you – cloud, storage device – just make sure it is secure and approved by your organisation if it is company information. Cyber criminals don’t always want to steal your data, sometimes their end-goal is to encrypt it in exchange for a ransom fee or erase it all together. Backing up gives you a way to recover this data with minimal disruption. Find out how to make backing up for your organisation simple with our Backup-as-a-Service (BUaaS) Managed Service
  8. It will never happen to me
    One of the most harmful things to your cyber security can be you. Cyber criminals don’t discriminate when they target users. Always remain vigilant and aware when using your devices.

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Ben Murden
Ben Murden

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