Automate to Succeed at any Scale

Having visibility and even control of your digital workspace environment is fantastic, but with more devices, more apps and more threats, the digital workspace becomes increasingly complex. Automation could be your solution.

There are five critical requirements for a digital workspace, the last is the ability to automate. In this blog post we’ll be looking at why automation is so important for organisations, the benefits and the overall solutions available to help you build an effective digital workplace.


Managing Experience and Security, why is it so important?

To handle the scale of a digital workspace, automation is critical, whether onboarding a new employee or device, deploying apps, serving up patches and updates, or automating remediation steps to assure an employee’s device is compliant with policy. These all must be achieved without generating tickets that require administrators or application owners to take manual actions. Automation assures that operational costs are minimised and removes gaps that could result from inconsistently applying security policies or leaving devices in noncompliant states for too long.

Many IT teams have already achieved some efficiencies by virtualising and automating compute resources. However, delivery of infrastructure, including networking and security, to development and production groups is still challenging for IT organisations and continues to require a disproportionate amount of resources to properly execute. The management and delivery of provisioned resources on top of critical compute, storage and network resources also needs improvement. Automation solves these problems. It enables IT teams to speed the delivery of applications by automating the delivery of the resources they require, including networking, security and the infrastructure that supports application development. Automation enables this agility in a way that’s standardised, consistent, scalable, repeatable and secure.

A fully automated environment can reduce the time it takes to deliver production-ready resources to stakeholders from weeks to less than a day.


The solution

VMware, the industry leader in data centre virtualisation, automation and cloud management, delivers rich automation solution capabilities for organisations seeking to automate IT to support a modern data centre environment.

vRealize Suite

vRealize Suite makes provisioning resources faster, with better utilisation of data centre resources and IT staff time. It delivers VMware’s cloud management platform (CMP) and is the control plane for the software-defined data centre. It supports IT teams’ efforts to automate infrastructure delivery, as well as application level resources. Within the suite, vRealize Automation automates the delivery of personalised infrastructure, applications and custom IT services. It enables IT to embed automation and policies within blueprints, preparing production-ready infrastructure and applications to be stood up in minutes rather than weeks.


NSX is the network virtualisation platform that delivers the operational model of a virtual machine for the data centre network. It enables reproduction of entire networks in software by moving networking and security services such as switching, load balancing, firewalling and routing into the hypervisor. With NSX, IT organisations can programmatically create, snapshot, store, move, delete and restore entire networks with the same point-and-click simplicity and speed of a virtual machine. They can tap into security, agility and availability that had never before been feasible with hardware-centric or traditional operational approaches.

VMware’s solutions empower IT teams to achieve the speed and agility they require through capabilities that enable the full automation, delivery and ongoing management of networking, security, infrastructure and application components. The result is faster, more consistent delivery of applications and services that drive competitive advantage. With a fully automated software-defined data centre (SDDC) in place, organisations can take a dramatic step forward on their journey toward digital transformation through software that helps them to build exactly what they need for today and tomorrow.

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson

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