The Road to AI with Phoenix

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help inspire innovation, unlock productivity and deliver transformative experiences for your students and staff. From chatbots to smart campuses and pattern recognition to predictive analysis. AI can help you deliver better experiences, insights and efficiencies across your whole organisation.

To do this efficiently and effectively it’s important to not just explore AI from a technological perspective but from a business and user perspective, to target the area’s that AI can make the biggest differences for you as an organisation.

Exploring AI

To learn more about how AI can help you as an organisation and see examples of where other education organisations have used AI we recommend our AI 101 Workshop.

Focused on your business objectives, the principal aim of the half-day workshop is to provide you with options around the challenges that you are facing today and align to your long-term business aspirations. Furthermore, as part of the workshop, we will showcase some of the available technologies and discuss potential innovative solutions and approaches leveraging these technologies to solve the business pains you have identified.

To ensure that this workshop meets all your requirements we leverage the following three step process:

  1. Pre-workshop planning call to determine exact requirements
  2. Workshop delivery – Discovery, Technology Showcase and Alignment
  3. Post-workshop report and presentation of findings and recommendations

Plotting your journey into AI

To asses your AI readiness and build your AI strategy we recommend our Surveyor 360 AI and Innovation Module.

This module is designed to give you the opportunity to explore modern AI-based services and how they can benefit your organisation. In this module we will discuss (depending on your requirements) Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services and how they can also be applied to the wider Internet of Things/Edge Devices to deliver innovative solutions to meet your business requirements. It will also help you develop your AI Roadmap and future pathway for the deployment of these services. This module includes:

  • Envisioning workshop with business stakeholders
  • Development and demonstration of key use-cases
  • Technical architecture/design workshop of how AI can help support this
  • AI/Innovation Roadmap
  • Fully costed proposal for the deployment/development of a proof of concept

To find out more about workshops to help you on your AI journey, contact Phoenix today. Email  [email protected] or call 01904 562200.