Phoenix Software accredited as a Best Companies 3 star company

Recognised for having ‘world class’ levels of employee engagement

Our 3 Star accreditation is the highest standard of workplace engagement, representing organisations that truly excel. Awarded to organisations with a BCI score of 738 or higher, the 3 star accreditation reflects ‘world class’ levels of workplace engagement. On the announcement of this accreditation, Jonathan Austin, Founder and CEO of Best Companies, said:

“Being a well led and well managed organisation with ‘world class’ levels of employee engagement during these unprecedented times is an exceptional achievement. It demonstrates Phoenix Software’s commitment to their people at a time when it means more than ever before – congratulations!”

During the pandemic, Phoenix offered a free of charge IT support service for their not-for-profit customers. They recognised this sector has struggled with the lack of fundraising opportunities causing significant financial shortfalls.

Phoenix also understood the potential negative impacts on people’s wellbeing when the lockdown measures came into place, therefore they provided training for all staff to raise awareness of different mental health conditions, and to also give people coping techniques if their mental health was declining.”

“Phoenix is thrilled to have been accredited as a 3 star company in November 2020, having had high engagement levels from our staff in the Best Companies Survey. This is recognition that we have continued to manage all of our staff in a proactive, caring, and thoughtful manner throughout this exceptional year of stress and worry, this means so much to us. With nearly 250 staff working from home, I find this result incredible and testament to the work and training we have done with our Leadership team and Managers over the last 18 months. The continual reviews with our staff as they worked in challenging conditions and met all our customer needs has meant we have excelled in these trying times. There could never have been a better year to know we are providing clear and motivational leadership to our teams as we continue to grow as a business”
Sam MuddManaging Director, Phoenix Software