Hybrid learning: The future of education is here

COVID-19 has forced education providers to make some tough decisions. With social distancing and restrictions on numbers in class, campus and in the staff room, organisations have had to reimagine what learning looks like. How do you run classes with some students in person and others at home – or other classes with everyone participating remotely?

Universities and colleges are searching for ways to offer the highest quality education in this ‘new normal’ of learning. They want to offer the very best to students, teachers and parents – as well as finding prospective funding opportunities. Although a challenge, this is also a fantastic opportunity to invest in the future of education, through hybrid learning.

In this blog we will:

  • Explain what hybrid learning is
  • Outline its main benefits
  • Highlight how Microsoft technology can help provide hybrid learning experiences that make your organisation stand out
Ben Murden
Ben Murden

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What does hybrid learning look like?

A hybrid learning environment caters for students and teachers wherever they are, whether they are attending in person or remotely. Above all, it must provide equally seamless, interactive learning for everyone. It must ensure that remote learning is not a hindrance but a useful, valuable learning experience.

Students must be able to partake in class, hear and see the teacher (as well as other students), raise questions, hold discussions and take assessments, as easily across a screen as they could in the classroom. Likewise, educators must be able to teach, support and inspire students in the same way.

This list, covered in greater detail in our eBook, ‘Making education resilient and ready for tomorrow’, highlights some of the key benefits of hybrid learning.

  • Interactive, inclusive and accessible – Classroom and lecture experiences where everyone can be seen, heard and contribute
  • Mobile and flexible – The ability to transform any room into a fully functional classroom or lecture theatre
  • Fluid collaboration – Platforms and channels to connect and drive better collaboration
  • Empowered staff – Workplace productivity tools and collaboration spaces for staff

With a hybrid learning environment, organisations can enable students, parents, teaching staff and support staff to connect and create positive learning experiences for everyone.

eBook  - Empower students and staff with hybrid learning >

Student working at home on a surface device

Why change – what are the main reasons to go hybrid?

Better education experiences

Remote learning doesn’t have to be a barrier to effective education. Creating a hybrid learning space is an opportunity to build better, interactive and accessible experiences for students and staff.

Gain a reputation for excellence

Hybrid learning is at the cutting edge of education trends. Organisations that offer the latest state-of-the-art education experiences will elevate their standing and boost their reputation for excellence.

Attracting students and staff

All universities and colleges face stiff competition to attract the most ambitious students, and most qualified teaching staff. The best way to do this is to provide the best tools and technology and to deliver the future of education today.

Organisational resilience

Universities and colleges that enable hybrid learning will also be more organisationally resilient, allowing them to overcome current and future challenges. With the stability, agility and adaptability that comes with hybrid learning, organisations can provide continuity to students and staff, always.

Introducing the Surface Hub 2S

Technology has always empowered educators to inspire and support their students. Microsoft has been a key player in this space – whether it’s the mainstay of education productivity and collaboration apps like Word, Outlook and PowerPoint or the latest kid on the block, Microsoft Teams. For organisations using Microsoft technology making the step to hybrid learning with Surface devices is a natural progression.

The Microsoft Surface family is a selection of devices designed to help students and teachers get more from Microsoft’s apps. Ranging from the hand-held, ultra-mobile Surface Go to the Surface Hub 2S, Microsoft has devices to enhance and complement education experiences.

The Surface Hub 2S completes the hybrid learning picture

An all-in-one interactive whiteboard and collaborative computing device, the Surface Hub 2S allows educators to offer learning experiences where everyone is seen, heard and can actively participate. With crystal-clear speakers, camera and a 4K+ resolution screen, the audio and visual quality is as good as you can get. With its light and thin 50” touchscreen display, and accessories such as the portable Steelcase Roam, educators can transform any room into a hybrid learning space.

Organisations with hybrid learning, facilitated by the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, will be seen as leaders, innovators and as elite institutions offering a higher quality and standard of education.

Two Microsoft Surface Hub 2s devices, one wall mounted and one on a stand

Start your future today with Phoenix

At Phoenix we can help deliver the hybrid learning environment that meets your organisation’s requirements, culture and goals. We take the time to fully understand how students and educators interact, how your support teams work and what makes your organisation’s culture unique. That way, we can ensure that your hybrid learning environment and technology takes your organisation to the next level and helps you stand out in the competitive education space.

We are here to help and to get your started on your journey to the future of education.

To find out more about hybrid learning and improving student and teacher experiences, download our eBook ‘Empower students and staff with hybrid learning’

eBook  - Empower students and staff with hybrid learning >

If you want to accelerate your journey to create a hybrid learning environment contact a member of the Phoenix Education Team today on 01904 562200 or email [email protected] or fill in the form and a member of the Team will be in touch: