Fostering creative and digital literacy skills for your students

Organisations across the UK (and the world) are finding the creativity and creative problem solving are among the most critical skills for success in the future workplace*.

  1. 97% say creative problem solving is important for students to learn in school.
  2. 74% say professions that require creative problem solving skills are less likely to be impacted by automation.
  3. 85% say creative problem solving skills are in high demand today for senior level/higher-paying careers.

Yet these skills are NOT being nurtured in schools today. In fact 69% of educators agree that there is not enough emphasis on creative problem solving in today’s curriculum. Global educators believe a lack of time to create, lack of education training for new software, lack of access to new hardware and software in classrooms and outdated standardised test requirements are the main barriers to teaching creative problem solving.

It’s no longer only creative subjects where these apply – how about using new skills in English to create a video around a fictional character or Maths to illustrate a geometric transformation? How about Science where they can create a presentation on types of protein and how they are created or Social Studies where they can build an app to raise awareness of a current or historic social issue?

Soft skills like collaboration, communication and creative thinking are critical to hiring managers in their evaluation of job applicants, so how do we build a hybrid learning environment that fosters creativity and these soft skills across all subjects to allows students to unleash their full potential?

The range of solutions from Adobe is quite staggering and the use across multiple curriculum subjects is endless. Furthermore Adobe are making it easier than ever to license and provide these solutions for both your staff and students with agreements such as the Student License Pack.

We discussed this with a number of speakers from our team at Phoenix, Leeds University and Adobe to see how Adobe software can be utilised to foster these skills within students of all ages. Watch the live discussions below to find out what they had to say.


Ben Murden
Ben Murden

Ben has over two decades in the IT industry, delivering both online and offline campaigns across all platforms to meet business goals and objectives. Joining Phoenix in 1999 as a graphic designer, Ben has evolved over the years into a fully-rounded marketing professional, before being promoted to Phoenix Marketing Manager early in 2018, reporting directly to the MD. With his background in creative design, Ben takes projects from inception to execution and can identify the correct strategy based on the subject, audience, and goals – while increasing the brand profile and revenue. His passion for digital marketing is evident in everything he does, and both vendors and strategic partners often comment on his incredibly positive attitude to ‘make things happen’.

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Education Redefined: Schools and Academies

Watch as Jake Griffin (Education Sector – Team Leader at Phoenix), Sarah Willis (Adobe Business Manager at Phoenix) and John Arboleda (Head of Primary & Secondary Education EMEA at Adobe) discuss how Adobe can enable you to focus your curriculum on building the skills students need to succeed in school and after graduation.

Education Redefined: Colleges and Universities

Watch as Dax Scutt (Education Sector Sales Manager at Phoenix), Sarah Willis (Adobe Business Manager at Phoenix), Mark Andrews (Strategic Development Manager, Higher Education (EMEA) at Adobe), Peter North (Technician/Instructor at Leeds University), Stefan Fairlamb (Teaching Fellow in Film, Photography & Media at Leeds University) and Michael Hauptfleisch (Software License and Asset Management Specialist at Leeds University) discuss how Adobe can enable you to focus your curriculum on building the skills students need to succeed in their studies and after graduation.

Discover the power of Adobe’s Creative Cloud

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You can also find out more about Adobe in Education and its software offering here.