Embrace and de-risk your digital transformation with SAP on Azure

With many Public Sector organisations already having set themselves up for success by running their SAP applications on Azure, now is the time to integrate your SAP investment with modern workplace tools.

Give your organisation enhanced security and an elevated user experience, while reducing total cost of ownership and de-risking your journey to the Azure cloud.

Why SAP on Azure?

Cloud platform optimised for SAP
Azure is certified to run your mission-critical SAP applications, offering the performance, scale and agility you count on.

Unmatched security, compliance and business continuity
Intelligent security services are backed by 3,500 cyber security professionals and the industry’s largest compliance portfolio for your SAP workloads in the cloud and on-premise.

Continuous innovation and insights
Tap into more than 100 Azure services, access SAP Cloud Platform, apply intelligent analytics and integrate with Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Apps and Power BI to discover insights that drive new customer experiences.

A partnership you can trust
After decades of working together, Microsoft and SAP have announced a preferred cloud partnership to simplify and accelerate your transformation to the cloud.

Ben Murden
Ben Murden

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Watch Now – Innovate SAP on Azure

Watch our on-demand webinar as Phoenix and Edenhouse take a look at the following:

  • SAP on Azure capability – discuss available certified infrastructure for running SAP on Azure
  • What SAP workloads can be moved or may need re-implementing in Azure
  • Discuss the Migration Process for SAP systems
  • What is the best option – migrate or reimplement
  • S/4HANA on Azure capability
Watch now

Watch this on-demand session and qualify for a free of charge half day Azure Cloud Assessment for SAP.

This half day workshop will help you gain a greater understanding of Azure and running SAP on Azure. Our high-level assessment will be performed on your current infrastructure with possible recommendations on landscape designs and SAP migration strategies.

To learn more, talk to the Phoenix Team today on 01904 562200 or email [email protected]