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After a difficult 2020, it’s time to think about the return to the classroom. However, as schools, colleges and universities plan to open their doors to students and staff, it’s apparent that the classroom has changed fundamentally.

COVID-19 has demonstrated how susceptible to unexpected disruption many organisations are – not just in education. But it has also presented an opportunity for forward-thinking colleges and universities to fully embrace remote learning.

Remote learning has been on the rise for years – it can be more flexible for those with children, or day jobs, or long commutes. But the pandemic has accelerated its rise. It’s almost certain that the future of education is going to involve hybrid learning environments – where learning experiences are tailored to cater for both remote and on-site learners.

Speeding up strategies

For IT departments at educational institutions, this might mean bringing forward and speeding up long-term digital strategies. It also makes it more likely IT directors will get the green light to oversee an overhaul of their organisation’s technology.

Whether it’s productivity and collaborations apps or bringing in state-of-the-art mobile devices, Microsoft has the technology to help organisations build a hybrid learning environment that works for them. Let’s see how this can work for you.

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Ben Murden

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A Surface case study: City College, Peterborough

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Founded in 1944, City College Peterborough was renowned in the Peterborough community for providing excellent adult learning. Today, it also provides college courses and apprenticeships. We’ve been working with City College Peterborough since 2009.

In Spring 2019, the City College decided to modernise its learning environment and support package. Together with our team, they created a digital strategy based on rolling out Microsoft technology, including Microsoft Teams and Surface devices.

How it worked
The first step involved deploying Microsoft Teams as a collaboration and communication tool – and it was a great success. Following on from that positive reception, we looked at the devices staff and students were using. An initial test where 50 Microsoft Surface Go devices were handed out. Again, it was another success, which led to further rollouts: Surface Go for students and Surface Pro for the staff.

The challenge
Previously, the college’s learning environment was built around on-premise IT: Let’s just say that there were a lot of print outs. Now, every student has access to a Surface Go, which are kept in chargeable trollies and then wheeled out to the class. Work is completed on the Surface Go devices and submitted to their tutor via Microsoft Teams – saving both print and paper costs as well as time. This has led to cost savings of 48% and a 38% reduction in paper usage.

The solution
Crucially, this has opened up new ways of working, ensuring that no one gets left behind. City College’s staff can better support students and those in need of additional support – whether that is time out of class, help with a project or assistance due to a learning difficulty or disability. Microsoft 365 and Surface devices provides the flexibility to do this.

The next step is hybrid

If you’d like to learn more about how schools, colleges and universities use Microsoft Teams and Surface devices to empower teachers and students, you can watch our case study film. You’ll hear directly from the students and staff at City College and discover what they think about their Surface devices.

At the top of the Surface family pyramid is the flagship Surface Hub 2S. The Surface Hub 2S complements, enhances and completes the remote and hybrid learning experience. It’s the perfect tool to bring everybody together into the same learning ‘space’, replicating the intimate collaborative atmosphere of class, even when people aren’t in the same room.

Active innovation

The Surface Hub 2S is an all-in-one interactive whiteboard, classroom platform and collaborative computing device. It allows educators to offer learning experiences where everyone is seen, heard and can actively participate – with crystal-clear speakers, camera and an ultra-sharp 4K+ screen.

With its thin and light 50” touchscreen display and accessories such as the portable Steelcase Roam, educators can transform any room into a hybrid learning space. Integration with Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft apps helps students and staff get even more from these popular tools.

The Surface Hub 2S provides innovative learning experiences that truly stand out. Best of all, it offers the ease of use and functionality to empower educators to inspire and support their students. At the end of the day, this is what teaching is all about.

Surface Hub 2S rolling stand and wall mounted

Welcome the future of education today

At Phoenix, we’re here to help get you started on your journey to the future of education. We take the time to fully understand how students and educators interact, how your support teams work and what makes your organisation’s culture unique. That way, we can ensure that your hybrid learning environment takes your organisation to the next level. Download our new eBook, ‘Empower students and staff with hybrid learning’ to learn how educational organisations can use technology to support their staff.

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If you want to accelerate your journey to create a hybrid learning environment contact a member of the Phoenix Education Team today on 01904 562200 or email [email protected] or fill in the form and a member of the Team will be in touch: