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Phoenix are back, in partnership with Microsoft Education, to provide another series of FREE Microsoft CPD webinars to inspire educators and school leaders to use tech in the classroom!

Moving on from the focused support with remote learning we return with a renewed focus, looking at how you can engage your staff to utilise the new technology available to them to practically reduce their workloads and develop inclusive and engaging classrooms. Our Tuesday Tech Fuel the Classroom webinar series aims to bring you quick and easy examples of how you can use Microsoft tech in your school environment to save valuable time and improve productivity.

First up in the series we have – Accessibility: Supporting SEND students and developing independent learningAt Phoenix, we are hugely passionate about accessibility and therefore it is always a joy to deliver our accessibility workshop knowing we are educating teachers about tools they can use to change the lives of some of the students they teach. It is our aim through our work with the Education sector to ensure that every school, college and university using Microsoft 365 technology is aware of the amazing Microsoft accessibility tools embedded for FREE which can support SEND students and promote independent learning for all. We encourage all school leaders and educators to sign up for this webinar to ensure you are promoting inclusive classrooms and providing your staff and students with the tools to support this at their fingertips.  

Second in the series we bring you, Support IT admin basicsThrough our work with many schools on their implementation of Office 365 we know that often the fear or barrier to adopting the use of technology can be within managing admin policies and safeguarding all staff and students. In this basics session, we aim to empower the classroom teachers and non-techs’ within the school environment to simply manage some basic settings and policies in Teams giving you the confidence to use it more widely with staff and students without needing to reach out for specialist admin support.  

To end our fuel the classroom series, we bring you a final two-part session focusing on Getting the most out of Teams looking at Staff Communication and Student resources and homeworkMany schools adopted the use of Microsoft Teams to deploy their remote learning solutions, however as they have returned to face-to-face teaching often the use of technology has become redundant and they are no longer utilising these powerful tools. In these sessions, we urge educators not to lose the momentum the pandemic has brought in the use of technology in the classroom and aim to give practical ideas and examples for how you can use Microsoft Teams to provide more flexible and smart working for your staff with communication through Teams and save time and money as teachers by providing resources to students and homework through Teams.  

We know that it has been a tough year for educators and so have designed these webinars as concise, twilight sessions to allow you to engage in quick and inspiring workshops during CPD or staff meeting time slots. In addition, for those unable to attend live, simply register to receive the on-demand recordings and catch up at your convenience. While we will aim to address any questions, we can during the live webinars, to keep the timing conciseattendees will be encouraged to record their questions during the live session and our dedicated Education team will personally respond to any queries unanswered during the workshop via e-mail to ensure we are there to support you on your journeys to digitally transform the way you teach!  

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson joined Phoenix in early 2020 as a Digital Marketing Specialist and has since progressed to a Digital Marketing Manager. Jennifer is responsible for the Digital Marketing Team and is passionate about supporting the business and its goals through creative marketing campaigns. Jennifer works closely with specialists within Phoenix and vendors to ensure all our marketing campaigns are educational, impactful, and add value to our customers.

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Tuesday 20 April at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Accessibility: Supporting SEND students and developing independent learning

First up for Tech Tuesday is Accessibility – a must for all schools to ensure they are supporting all learners. Sign up to equip your staff with FREE, easy to use tools embedded in Office 365 to support the inclusive classroom.

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Tuesday 11 May at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Support IT Admin Basics

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Tuesday 1 June at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Getting the Most out of Teams Part 1: Staff Communication

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Tuesday 22 June at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Getting the Most out of Teams Part 2: Student Resources and Homework

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