Phoenix achieve Teamwork Deployment Advanced Specialization

For remote teams to be successful, minimising technological friction and enabling effortless collaboration is essential.

Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful asset when it comes to empowering remote teams, but before customers can unlock the potential of the full eco-system they need to migrate to the platform and get configured properly.

Teamwork deployment services offer a critical opportunity to ensure customers achieve business value from Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Yammer. The Teamwork Deployment Advanced Specialization helps to differentiate partners, making it easier for customers to identify the best match for their needs. This added advantage can help partners grow their Teams deployment services practice and build more meaningful connections with customers.

This latest Advanced Specialization takes our tally to four as we already hold the following:

We invest in our people and processes to ensure we hold accreditations such as these, that enable us to work closer with our public sector customers and offer the best solutions and services that they require to continue to deliver value for their staff and those they serve. While this does take us to four – there’s more to come …

Ben Murden
Ben Murden

Ben has over two decades in the IT industry, delivering both online and offline campaigns across all platforms to meet business goals and objectives. Joining Phoenix in 1999 as a graphic designer, Ben has evolved over the years into a fully-rounded marketing professional, before being promoted to Phoenix Marketing Manager early in 2018, reporting directly to the MD. With his background in creative design, Ben takes projects from inception to execution and can identify the correct strategy based on the subject, audience, and goals – while increasing the brand profile and revenue. His passion for digital marketing is evident in everything he does, and both vendors and strategic partners often comment on his incredibly positive attitude to ‘make things happen’.

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