Adobe Sign for HR and faculty management in higher education

Significantly improve your HR and management processes and reduce the admin associated with traditional paper-based methods.

Delivering great student experiences in higher education relies on a dedicated team of faculty and staff, but time-intensive HR admin and paperwork can become a drain on your institution’s resources.

Adobe Sign automates your HR processes, reducing errors and your staff’s administrative workloads to enable your staff to become more efficient in their roles. With more time to dedicate to improving the staff and faculty experience, digitalising your HR and management processes could help your institution to retain talent, saving time and reducing recruitment – and other HR – costs.

Discover the benefits of optimising your higher education HR and faculty management processes with Adobe Sign below.

Recruitment and onboarding

Improve your institution’s HR efficiency with end-to-end digital processes for approving new positions, hiring and onboarding, document signing and approval, document package preparation, and more. Adobe Sign also integrates with leading business systems, such as Workday to ensure seamless staff management and project continuity.

Faculty and staff management

Reduce the admin associated with employee management, such as organising performance reviews, personal information updates, and scheduling training with automated and self-serve workflows. A digital process allows you to automatically store employee data safely and ensure that the information can be easily accessed for validation or reference in the future.

Travel approvals and growth opportunities

Streamline travel approvals and expense reporting for faculty, staff, and students with digital forms that are easy to find and complete through self-serve workflows. With automated approvals and the ability to request multiple signatures on one document, it’s easier and quicker for your staff and students to take advantage of o­ff-campus growth opportunities.

Policy distribution

Create a more efficient internal communication method for sharing institution-wide policy updates that require a signature by sharing them with all faculty and staff­ using a single workflow.

Benefits forms

Make it easy to complete confidential benefits forms, and securely transmit and store them through Adobe Sign with intelligent digital forms that auto-populate with employee information and a simple way to opt in or out of employee programs.

Background checks

Optimise the recruitment process with background check forms that can be completed and signed online.

Academic research and patents

Streamline documentation and approval processes and protect sensitive content, such as medical patient information or history, while complying with the highest levels of security and privacy.

To discuss how Adobe Sign can optimise your HR and faculty management processes and discover the offers your institution may be eligible for, please contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling 01904 562200.

You can also explore Adobe Sign in more depth with our guide to utilising Adobe Sign in higher education.

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