Adobe Sign for student enrolment in higher education

Discover how to improve your existing student enrolment process, from the initial application to admission.

Enrolling in higher education can become time-consuming and complicated for students, administrative staff, and faculty if the process isn’t digitally centralised and automated.

Increase efficiency, save valuable time, and reduce costs with fully digital document processes that comply with the strictest global requirements. From admission and onboarding, to financial support and resource requests, find out how Adobe Sign will optimise your enrolment process below.

Admission and onboarding

Create a simple and quick enrolment process with automated workflows that let students digitally complete and sign forms on any device, anywhere. Adobe Sign also allows you to capture student information on the first form completion and then use it to prefill and send additional forms automatically to enhance the experience and reduce the likelihood of errors.

Financial support verification and registration

Enable efficient workflows that help students locate and complete the right financial support forms for their needs, including scholarships, grants, and work or study programs. You can also track when forms are completed and send reminders as required.

Internship forms

Make it easier for your students to apply for internships, and for staff to obtain initial approvals and track progress by building automated workflows that collect information and signatures from students, faculty, and external companies.

Transcript requests

Fully automate the form processes that require legal signatures, such as petition or transcript requests with signable forms on your website that enable students to fill, sign and send requests digitally. Adobe Sign also allows you to set up automatic notifications that will send each request to the right person to check and complete.

Resource requests

Allow students and faculty to submit automated requests for resources from lab equipment to software licences to provide them with the tools that they need to learn and teach effectively.

Alumni and donor forms

Make it easy for donors to make a gift to your institution using online fillable donation forms with secure payment options through Adobe Sign.

To explore how Adobe Sign can improve your institution’s student enrolment process in more detail and discover the offers your institution may be eligible for, please see our guide to utilising Adobe Sign in higher education or contact us: [email protected] or 01904 562200.

Ben Murden
Ben Murden

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