Perpetual to subscription licensing migration for government

Increase your organisation’s efficiency and reduce costs by moving from perpetual licensing to subscriptions with Adobe Acrobat DC.

Organisations have historically deployed Adobe applications using perpetual licensing where a serial number allows the end-user to install the software on their device, but doesn’t give them access to Adobe online services, updates, mobile apps, or modern workflows. But as organisations work towards digital transformation, many are making the switch from perpetual licensing to subscription-based models that give your IT team more control and provide your employees with ongoing access to software.

With increased efficiencies and less cost, your organisation will have more time and money to spend on projects that will make a difference to your citizen’s lives and the local community. Discover how making the switch to a subscription licence will benefit your organisation below.

What is subscription licensing? 

Subscription licensing is a software licensing model where each users’ access is paid for – often up-front – on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. During the subscription term, typically you will have access to the software that your subscription contract covers, as well as software upgrades, customer support, and maintenance. This ensures that your organisation always has access to the most up-to-date software and services, without having to pay for a new licence every time a software update is rolled out.

Adobe Acrobat DC includes Adobe Document Cloud services that allow organisations to improve productivity. Use of these services requires named user licensing (sold through the Adobe Value Incentive Plan), which is a change for most organisations where perpetual licensing is the norm.

Why switch to a subscription licensing model? 

Subscription licensing for Acrobat DC allows you to save money while improving your organisation’s processes and productivity with ongoing access to the latest software updates and technical support.

You can provide your employees with access to the apps and services they need for ongoing projects, while ensuring that IT still has control for service and security requirements. Your IT specialists will also benefit from a simpler method to maintain compliance with no need to track serial numbers or count installations, as well as management of licenses and services through the Admin Console.

Accelerate digital transformation 

As government organisations focus on transforming their services with greater digital experiences for their staff and citizens, traditional manual and paper-based processes are replaced with faster, more efficient methods. With Acrobat DC you can increase productivity, reduce human error, and create intuitive end-to-end digital experiences for your employees and community.

Save time and increase ROI 

According to The Total Economic Impact of Adobe Acrobat DC study commissioned by Adobe, organisations can make a 277% return on investment (ROI) by using Acrobat DC, while 65 hours per user and a total of 258 hours of IT admin time are saved per year.

With easier PDF software administration, including licence management, deployments, updates, and upgrades, Acrobat DC aids IT efficiency. Document-intensive processes are quicker and more seamless using tools to organise PDFs and improve end-to-end document workflows, saving valuable time for your employees.

Enable hybrid working 

As more organisations adopt hybrid working models to future proof and ensure business continuity, empower your teams to work with PDFs from anywhere across desktop, mobile, or web. With Acrobat DC you can deliver remote access with support for named user licensing in virtual environments, and receive regular security updates and new features to deploy on your own schedule.

To ensure that your teams comply with security standards, even when working remotely, Acrobat DC allows you to easily assign, reassign, remove, and track licenses in a web-based admin console and manage risk by ensuring automatic compliance across your organisation.

Adobe Acrobat DC subscription licensing offers for government 

Take advantage of our exclusive migration offers when you switch to perpetual licensing with Acrobat DC and improve your organisation’s processes to reach its goals.

Acrobat DC for teams offer

Customers with 10–49 Acrobat perpetual licences can get an additional 15% off VIP pricing and up to 25% off MSRP when migrating to Acrobat DC for teams*.

Acrobat DC for enterprise offer

Customers with 10–49 Acrobat perpetual licences can get an additional 10% off VIP pricing and up to 25% off MSRP when migrating to Acrobat DC for enterprise*.

To find out how you can benefit from these offers, or to explore how Adobe Acrobat DC can help your organisation, please contact us.


*Ts & Cs apply. Contact your Phoenix account manager for more information.

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